10 Reasons Why They Don’t Buy From You in Brevard County Florida

No matter how great a product, service, category or industry seems,
there is always room for innovation that can drive more sales.


Often, we create barriers to purchase things simply because we don’t
understand they
exist as they aren’t insurmountable, and just annoying.
Or, we leave industry-accepted
barriers in place because that’s just the
way everyone does it.


One of the surest routes to drive new sales is to look for ways
to remove
as many barriers as possible. Do you need to reconfigure
your approach?
I dissect 10 categories to get you thinking.


why do they not buy from you



I don’t understand your pricing model, or I don’t appreciate the perceived
value you attach to the price. Explain why you priced it like you have and
go to work on a price/value combination that blows everyone else away.
(Hint: Don’t just lower the price, create value!)



 I don’t get why I can’t buy it the way I want. Why can’t I bundle, mix and
match and create pairings that make sense to me. Deconstruct how
products and services are generally sold.



I want to buy direct from the source, see the product being made and talk to
the people I might engage. Find ways to break down normal distribution
channels and put faces on the people that do everything in your organization.



I will gladly repay you Tuesday for ________. Find ways to create
the most favorable payment structure you can afford.



I don’t want what the industry puts out there. Go over every inch of what you
sell and find ways to make it better and demonstrate just how much attention
is given to your quality. Define your processes so I know what I’m getting has
a great deal put into it.



I just don’t think it will work for me. Teach me how it works, assure me that
you’ll be with me until I get the result and perhaps long after as I try to get
even more from my purchase.



I’ve been down this road before and I know I won’t use it like I should.
Add a level of accountability. Show me how you will make it work for me
this time, create a feature that allows me to track my progress or better
still, tell me that you’re going to work with me until it works this time.



This doesn’t wow me at all. What if you used design as a point of difference?
What if you caught my attention because your space, packaging, product,
communications and materials were stunning in a field where everyone else
just did enough to get by?



Sure it sounds good on paper, but  . . .  Get data, get tangible proof,
get customers so thrilled with the actual, measurable results they’ve received
that they are willing to sing your praises to the point where the proof in your
promise is overwhelming.



The truth is I don’t really trust myself. Let me know that if it doesn’t work out,
for any reason at all, no matter how absurd, I can either get my money back,
or you will continue to provide value for the money I have given!



To Your Success!


Dave Smith and IMJustice Marketing green signature

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