7 Frequently Asked Digital Content Marketing Questions

What is Digital Content Marketing?

Digital Content Marketing involves the creation and publishing of content that is both
valuable and relevant to your target market. This content in turn helps to convert people
into customers. Content creation and content marketing are often associated with website
content. However, it can relate to any form of digital content including blogging, videos,
images, and social media posts.


Will I have to come up with topics?

We understand that coming up with new topics and ideas for content can be difficult.
If you’re struggling or if you simply don’t have the time, we will be happy to come up
with relevant, timely topics for you. We have extensive knowledge in a wide range
of sectors and know how to create content that accurately speaks to your audience.


digital content marketing for your business or brand


Will I own the copyright to the content?

Absolutely. We work on a ‘for hire’ basis which means all copyright gets passed on
to you upon completion. This means you can use the content however you want to;
including assigning its credit to staff members. As soon as payment has been
received you have exclusive rights over the content.


Can I request changes?

Our top priority is to ensure each of our clients are 100% happy with the service received.
Therefore, if for any reason you aren’t happy with the content we will make the necessary
revisions until you are. It is very uncommon for our clients to request changes due to our
strict editing process. However, we are certainly open to any requests for revisions and
will always ensure you are completely satisfied with the final copy.


Is the content created 100% original?

Yes. Our expert team create each piece of content from scratch. We will never copy and
paste and it is guaranteed that all content will be 100% unique.  (your company) will also
never repost, duplicate or sell the content to any third party. We take pride in offering a
fully unique service.


Can I use my own keywords?

Yes. If you have any specific keywords you would like us to include in the content, just let
us know. Alternatively, we can work with you to discover which keywords would best fit
your content and which are likely to get the best results. You are in complete control over
how you want the content to look. So we welcome any keyword lists. We also recommend
using high-tail keywords for best results. Not sure what they are? Don’t worry, our experts
are here to help!


How much will it cost?

The cost will depend upon how much content you need, as well as the nature of the content.
Before you hire us we give a free, no obligation quotation after discussing your requirements.
There will never be any unexpected costs added on. If for any reason the cost changes,
for example if the scope of the job changes, we will discuss this with you before continuing.


Don’t see the answer to your questions?

Contact us today and we would be happy to speak with you!





online digital marketing for your business or brand


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