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What I teach is truly a breakthrough in Marketing and Advertising, yet it’s simple and easy
to understand. I introduce clients to some very common-sense principles of Marketing that
they are able to instantly validate and embrace … principles that give a clear vision of what
Marketing is supposed to look like and, as importantly, what it’s not supposed to look like.

I am Dave Smith, this is what I do for a living, and I am a student of everything and anything
that is related to Marketing, Business, and what works and doesn’t work to grow revenue.
I am a Lead Generation & Marketing Strategist, Business Coach & Author. And based on
what you read in my sub-headline above, I absolutely learn from the best in the business …




Business Coaching


My passion is for you, the Small Business Owner who has to scrape, fight and battle every
day to earn a living. I’m offering this expertise to you as a way to reach the ultimate pinnacle
of life: financial freedom for you and your family, along with the ability to do whatever you want
with your time and money. After all, you more than likely started your business because you
have a true passion yourself for what you do. But when Marketing is ineffective, owning your
own business can become no more than working a poorly paying job.

Compelling and successful Marketing can provide you with the financial freedom to pursue your
real, true ambitions in life. I believe that everybody has a cause, a cause that can be more fully
pursued and supported when you’re financially independent. Let me help you reach that goal.
I have the tools, resources and support to help you accomplish this in record time. All I ask is
that you give me a chance to show you how effective Marketing can really be for your company.



I teach Marketing for your business … to a point where it becomes
obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do
with anyone other than you … at anytime, anywhere, or at any price.



You may not need to overhaul everything, but every detail of your Marketing matters.
Is it time to find out if it can be better, why it could be better, and how to get it done?
If so, together we should start solving any of the discovered issues, or at least
see the
ways to make them and your business as good as they can possibly be.
We can start with a conversation … Or a powerful and revealing Marketing Audit.





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