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Business Coaching and Strategy

What I actually Do For You


As far as Business Coaching and Strategy goes, here’s what I know from
working with tons of Small Businesses, as well
as Business Coaches
and Marketing Experts from near 25 different
countries over the years …
The one’s with the best strategies always win!



Business Coaching & Strategy


Strategy resides in having a clear message, has you stand out, and
differentiates you from the rest … How your business solves your
customer’s problems better than everyone else, is what you show them.

I have helped many businesses triple their revenues, profit and exposure.
In record time. This knowledge I absorbed and use, works for startups,
Fortune 500 companies, retailers, wholesalers, Internet based companies,
and manufacturing concerns. I can do it for you too, if, you allow me to!

These tested and proven Marketing Strategies have been implemented by
the top Business Coaches and Marketing Experts in 25 different countries.
They all charge handsomely to deliver them, but after 5+ years of learning
and documenting these methods, I make this information available for a
FRACTION of the price, and strongly recommend that you take full
advantage with one of my Package Deals.

You will receive Market-Dominating Strategies, and I gladly walk you
through EXACTLY how to implement this business-altering information.

You will not be left disappointed with the results.


Business Coaching Outline


Here is an outline of my Business Coaching and Strategy … It shows
just an outline of what I do for you … I invite
you to communicate with
me about creating a relevant Marketing Strategy,
Game Plan or Road
Map just for you, your Business, your hopes and dreams,
and your
future … And the best Tactics can be used to make it happen …



Initial Getting Started Discovery Meeting
Your current Marketing and future goals and objectives

Core Message and Ideal Client Persona Development
Your competitive advantage mapped out to your ideal audience

Content Plan
Based on keywords and SEO for ongoing Marketing efforts

Customer Journey Map
The Customer Journey and the Conversion Equation

The Competitive Landscape
The strengths and weaknesses of your competitors

My Growth Recommendations
The highest impact activities for fixing or implementation

My Presentation Of Findings
Mapping out together the best Strategic approach


The entire process takes anywhere from 30-60 days and involves necessary
meetings with you (and your team as well, if that’s important to you.)

With the findings and results, you’ll have a clear direction for standing out
and attracting the ideal or target client or customer … And a Road Map of
the most effective Tactics to support your Strategies will be discussed …


In Summary


I teach Marketing for your business … to a point where it becomes
obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do business
with anyone other than you … at anytime, anywhere, or at any price.







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Business Coaching and Strategy

Guiding Business Owners to unlock the tremendous potential in themselves and their business


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