Google My Business is Google’s platform for creating, managing and monitoring business listings. Without claiming and utilizing this to it’s potential, you are not only giving away business to your competition, but the revenue loss is substantial.

IMJustice Marketing Tips, Strategies & Ideas

Always remember Reveal how much you know, how much you care, and show them you are the expert Why wait any longer? If you’ve ever considered marketing and growing your business with modern digital marketing methods, contact IMJustice Marketing. We specialize in affordable, captivating, unique, and customizable business marketing methods, strategies, and ideas. We are going to help you grow […]

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Clever and Smart Marketing … Is That You?

We don’t have a choice! The question isn’t whether we should do local marketing. The question is how well can we do it…..Or, who do we turn to….. With highly effective local marketing, you will have a solution for growing your business in modern times. We’re sure you don’t want to cause serious harm to your own business just for […]

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