The Audit

The Marketing, Brand
and SEO Audit



There is simply no other way for any business to know where they stand, what they are
good at, what they are bad at, where they need to focus, and what is missing. We get
involved with 3 different types of Audits for a business. Branding, Marketing, and SEO.
We can do either one, or all 3. In any case, they are amazingly revealing. They will
be the most crucial & critical piece of Marketing you will ever purchase. Period!
Below, is just an idea of what is looked at.


Below is an idea of what I do, and it’s well over
$1,000 worth of assessing & information gathering
to have your Business understand what the score is


Your business credentials being absolutely accurate everywhere they are
I ask certain financial and “numbers” types of questions for accuracy
I systematically reveal and expose profit gaps to exploit
I focus on revenue-generating activities that are proven to get results
I look for potential penalties on your website
Citation and SEO work that has already been done for you
I check out any and all of your “links”
We talk about the keywords you would like to rank for
We talk about your domain names and your website(s)
We explore your “Branding” … and
The essence, culture, and values of your business and brand
I will take a look at your visual identity
our collateral (materials, displays, the formats and the accuracy
Everything “Digital” (website, name in searches, core competencies, and more)

Of course I dive into your Social Media
Are your sites up to date, and reflect your brand accurately
Are you utilizing Social Media to its potential

Where else does your brand go?
News, PR, Blogs, Video, Articles, Ebooks, and more

What does your future look like?
Your brand, assets, tools, the pieces

We discuss primary objectives, traffic, your reach, your footprint
Your email list, followers, connection, and friends
The channels you use now, and will use to grow
How are you utilizing Google My Business and also Bing
How many website submissions have you made and
How many Online Directories are you on
Thoroughly examine your content, written, images and video
Check into your “meta” descriptions, reviews and alt text
Citations, Links and Reviews are investigated
Investigate your competition
Your rank, scores, status, and how algorithms look at you
Your tags, keywords, and the overall structure of it all
The optimization and also the speed of your website are tested
and more



This typically takes 30-60 days from start to finish, and has many different
variables to it. It comes down to the type of business you are in, your current
Marketing involvement, and if your interest lies with Tactical Marketing
implementation, or Strategic Marketing and growing revenue and profits.
And can you say DEAL? You will not see this anywhere else. I promise!
ESPECIALLY, the Revenue-Generating questions I ask you!
Don’t forget to ask me what they are! VERY advanced and rare!



All of this time and effort for you and your livelihood

$500 one-time



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