The Audit

The Marketing, SEO,

and Brand Audit



The Marketing Audit by definition, refers to the comprehensive, systematic, analysis,
and the interpretation of the business Marketing environment, both internal
and external, its goals, objectives, strategies, and the principles to ascertain the areas
of problems and opportunities.
The Marketing Audit also is to recommend a plan of
action to grow the business better than ever.

The Marketing Audit typically has 4 major characteristics:

It should be comprehensive and broad in focus covering the entire Marketing
It should be an objective exercise and independent of the managers
directly involved in
making the Marketing decisions of the business.

A good Marketing Audit should be comprehensive, systematic, independent and
conducted with
some regularity. (But we won’t discuss that yet). Components to
examine include the
external environment, your internal organization and systems,
the overall Marketing
Strategies and Tactics and their productivity and functionality.


Below you will get a glimpse of the 3 different
Marketing Audit Categories, and the worth of them
is immeasurable for assessing & information gathering
to have your Business understand what the score is.



Quick Start Program Audit 

Leads (rating yourself 0-5 for the questions)
Conversions (more rating yourself from 0-5)
Transactions (more rating yourself questions)
Higher prices (and this is where it gets interesting)
Profits (very important and necessary)
All about Building a Million Dollar Business (educational)


Dare To Dream Audit

Step One … The Dream
Step Two … Your Purpose
Step Three … Strengths and Weaknesses
Step Four … Your Business Today
Step Five … Your Customers
Step Six … Your Market
Step Seven … Your Advantage
Step Eight … Your Competition
Step Nine … Your Goals
Step Ten … Your Intention


The Intense Marketing Business Audit

Business Information
General Questions
Business and Planning
Pre-Sale Inquiries
After Sales
Marketing and Advertising Promotion
If you DON’T have a website
If you DO have a website
Database Management
Staff (if any)
Time Management
About You
Marketing Audit Action Points



A Marketing Audit helps Business Owners explore all of the Marketing activities
currently being implemented while evaluating if those activities are successful …
Then you can make informed decisions about how to improve activities or employ
new strategies and tactics to achieve greater success in your Marketing efforts.

The purpose of a Marketing Audit is not to criticize particular activities, but rather
to identify whether there are any working practices that could be more effective …



To Clarify

This Audit typically takes 30-60 days from start to finish, and has many different

variables to it. It’s common to finish near the 30 day mark. Larger businesses
of course will take longer. It comes down to the type of business you are in, your
current Marketing involvement, and if your interest lies with Tactical Marketing

implementation, or Strategic Marketing with growing revenue and profits.

And can you say DEAL? You will not see this anywhere else. I promise!
ESPECIALLY, the Revenue-Generating questions I ask you!



All of this time and effort for you and your livelihood

$500 one-time




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