The Deals


Services your business should not do without … and trust me, if you
know the market, they are deals! But, they are constantly changing …


Promoting your business and brand, with Tactical or Strategic Marketing, and to be
one step better than your competition, is not only a survival thing, but being clever
and proactive for your revenue & profit growth. It’s a MUST in today’s Digital Age.

Through Back Links, SEO, Social Media, Bookmarks, Broadcasts, Local Listings, Press
Releases, Website Submissions, Article Directories, Website Traffic sources and methods
& more, we help you create the largest presence and footprint your business can possibly
obtain online and digitally.



Our “Door-Opener” Deals


(Must have services after more Google Updates)
( This is a version of The BIG 5 )

The “Auto Reply Service” on your Local Business Page(s)
Charge to make sure you auto-reply to comments 24/7 … $150
(Very important when consumers are trying to contact you)

Improving Your Website “Speed”
 I’ll produce a FREE report first. And once you understand the
critical importance of this, you’ll know it must be dealt with …
$250 to test and adjust ($500 retail)
(Google will crush your rankings if determined not fast enough)

The “Security” of Your Website(s) … SSL Certificates …
If no secure website, it will be red-flagged to any visitor …
An absolute death blow to any hopes of doing business online
$199 – $249 to fix the issue (Retail $500) … (More for larger set-ups)
(Google will critically punish you and it will ruin your sales)

“Google My Business”
An absolute necessity if you want any local new business …
We gladly will put you in the game & get this done for you …
$250 for the Basic and $500 for the Ultimate Service
Many have several unclaimed listings … VERY BAD!)


Google My Business + Website Speed + Website Security
$1500 Retail … regular price $750 … DEAL is now $600 for all 3



Our Starters-Package:

Here’s what you get:

We submit your website to a popular Search Engine.
We list your website in a popular Directory.
We list your website at SiteReleases New Website Directory.
We provide you with a detailed SEO Analysis.
We utilize your keywords on the above Search Engine.
We submit your website to 30 Search Engines.
We provide you with 10 Back Links to your website.
Imagine the exposure!

This service is for a one-time fee … $250



The Marketing, Brand & SEO Audits


It is the most complete fact-finding detailed review you will ever come across. From Citations
to Backlinks, from SEO to Social Media, from Google My Business to Online Directories, to
your company’s voice and style, to the identity and existing footprint. It examines anything
and everything you own or have created in the Digital world. We look at your “branding”,
which covers positioning, description, collateral, Digital, anywhere else, and your future,
and your entire Digital marketing strategy.

In the Digital Marketing Strategy, we go over your objectives, what you can do and how
you plan to accomplish them, the resources you plan on using, and more future topics.
We also look at your ranking, Google, Yahoo, and Bing set-ups, and your competition.

$500 one-time and worth every penny!



Our Annual “Submissions” Deal


Monthly Submission to 5 URL’s, 20 Top Search Engines, and 50 additional
and keep your website listing information up-to-date with them

Featured Listing ….. in 10 Top Search Engines and Directories + 100 more

SEO Tools providing several technical improvements for your brand including
Meta Tags, Website page analyzing, Link Checking, Page Speed, Link Popularity,
Search Engine Saturation, Sitemap Generation & Submission, WhoIs Lookup and
a lot more.

Guaranteed traffic receiving 2000 visitors per quarter, category selection, receive
targeted visitors with this flat rate vs pay-per-click

Rapid Paid Inclusion into a search engine and directory network, and re-indexed
or recrawled every 48 hours.

$350 per month for this ongoing service



Our Complete Business Promotion


Onsite Optimization of your website
       Keyword Analysis, On Site SEO, SEO Analysis

Backlink Generation Bonanza
         30+ Article Backlinks                   …     30+ Forum Profile backlinks
50+ Web2 Profile Backlinks        …     3000+ Wiki Backlinks
25 Instant Quality Backlinks        …     500 Fast Index Backlinks
10 Press Release Links               …     10 PDF Backlinks
10 High PR Blog Links                 …     10 Top Classified Links
10 Top Social Bookmark Links     …     10 Approved Directory Links
10 High PR Video Links               …     10 Social Sharing Links
10 High PR Article Links              …     10 Image Sharing Links

Search Engine Submission
       600 Search Engine submission with your website

Reachability Improve
       Google Site Map creation

Social Media Promotion
          Twitter and Google+ Promotion, 30+ Social Bookmarks, 
          Ad posted to 500,000 Facebook Groups

          2 click magnets with animated banners, Website responsiveness check,
          8 usefull Marketing Ebooks worth over $100, Browser compatibility check

Press Release Creation and Distribution
           Press Release created and disbursed to 25 News Sites




Additional Fantastic Deals

(insane prices for what they deliver)
(AND, for a limited time ONLY!)

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


1000 Backlinks Combo   Plan A is $250 … Plan B is $350 plus 10,000 more backlinks

Social Media Plan   Your ad promotion on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ for 
                           4000-4500 visitors … Plan is $250

Google Maps Local Listing Plan     $350 for 200 Maps Listings in your surroundings

Facebook Advertise Broadcast     $250 to 500,000 and $500 to 1,000,000 visitors

Website Traffic Deal    Plan A is $250 for 10,000 and Plan B is $500 for 20,000 visitors

40,000 Blog Backlinks    Plan A is 20,000 links = $250  …  Plan B is 40,000 links = $500

Top Local Business Listings    Plan A is for 65 at $500  …  Plan B is for 200 at $750

Press Release Distribution    YOU write it, $250 sent to 25 sites, $350 sent to 225 sites
                                                WE write it, $350 sent to 25 sites, $500 sent to 225 sites

The Creation of 100 Social profiles      $500 for 100 profiles  …  $750 for $200 profiles

Website Submission to 5000 Article Directories + 400 backlinks Deal       $250



When you think about the “value” of a client or customer daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and
in a lifetime, take a real close look at these deals and their pricing. The worth of what they do
and create far outweighs what you will spend. They are to increase your audience, grow more
leads, and generate more revenue and profits than ever before …

And, that’s exactly what they do!


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