Why It Is Important To Claim Your Business Online in Mims Florida

You should claim your business online!

How do I claim my business?
Why should I claim my business?
What is claiming my business?
I have a website, isn’t that good enough?


The answers are as follows: For all who shop online, because someone else will,
taking ownership of your online local listings to Market your services more, and not at all.

The internet has seen drastic changes in the way it indexes and presents content since
its early days. These changes require you to adapt. Local listings are of the utmost
importance in today’s online realm as it lends legitimacy to your company and, with
some effort, can help tremendously with your online rankings.

What are rankings? It’s the ranking of which your business, brand and content appear
on Google. The best content and websites are the ones that appear on the first page
of Google and within the top ten searches for a topic. Just having a website is NOT
enough, you need to claim your Mims, Brevard County Florida business …


The BIG 5 for business success


What are Local Listings?

Local listings are pages in online directory systems that provide information to potential
customers. These act similarly to the yellow pages of the print era and some even have
GPS abilities to make sure your business can be found. A customer needs directions to
your business so they can buy your products or services, but will the online GPS be able
to map your business? This is where taking over a listing with mapping capabilities is
important. Google My Business, for example, allows a verified listing to be searchable
on Google Maps. Unless your business is very, very new there is always some trace of
it on the web. Businesses on these listing directories need to be verified, which is why
you must claim your business. Each has their own verification process with the express
purpose of making sure the person (and business) claiming the listing is legitimate.


Why Claim?

Even though this information is publicly available and can still drive people to your
business, the act of verification has tremendous positives. Having your website
connected to a listing helps with its SEO (search engine optimization), and any
contribution there can eventually do wonders for your search ranking. Another
major positive is having complete control over your listing.

Got a bad review that you felt was a misunderstanding? Having control over your
listing will allow you to reply and mitigate any damages a bad review can cause.
Want better pictures uploaded to represent your business? You have that option
as well! Changes in hours, events, descriptions – all this will be at your command
and continuously staying on top of it will make your business look professional. An
unverified, unmanaged listing can provide a bad look to your business in today’s
digital age, so put in the work! Or, pay someone who knows what they are doing.


How to Claim your Business

First, you need to find your listings! Some of the major listings are Google Business,
Facebook Business, Yelp, Yahoo Local, and Bing Places. There are other tools that
allow you to see what listings already exists if you have the name of your business
and phone number – which you should, you own it!

Next is the verification process which will require an automated phone call, an email,
or in some cases both. You may run into a situation where an attempt to claim your
business has shown that someone else has already done so. Don’t panic, you can
dispute what is not accurate.

Re-verification may be needed in the future if things change for your business
(change in location, phone number, or ownership change). Staying on top of your
listing by checking all the incoming emails from it and posting regularly will stop
these things from falling through the cracks.


Don’t Hesitate

Protecting your business should be priority #1 if you’re going to be successful and having
full control of your online presence is the best way to go about it. Posting new content and
updating features on your website keeps you in good standings with the top search engines
and claiming your business online helps support those efforts. Managing the online efforts
of your business is like having another job, and your time is valuable as a Business Owner.

IMJustice Marketing specializes in content, Digital Content Marketing, and improving your
online presence making us advocates for the Small Business Owner. It takes a solid
framework and strategy to make the above things happen and you need someone on
your side who can manage all of this for you. We will handle all of this on your behalf, so
you don’t have to. Helping you claim your business online is just one of the many things
we do for you and businesses in Mims, Brevard County Florida and surrounding areas.


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