Brevard County Florida Networking Excellence

Networking is not a dirty word
Just a couple of thoughts

The way to excel is to bring in new clients. Dedicate your time to building specific skills
and change your financial life. Relationship building skills are the most important thing
in networking.

“Dig your well before you’re thirsty.”

This saying means that you have to create relationships with people before you need
to leverage them. At the same time networking is not about creating “fake relationships.”

It’s a matter of finding diverse people who care about your success and then introducing
all those people to each other. This is the very first step to successful networking.



You have to be constantly building and maintaining connections and
sharing those connections with the people around you.

As an exercise (just an idea), make a list of the 15 people you would turn to if you got
laid off and needed a job. This could be your old professor, your first boss, or even an
ex’s parent with a high power job. Then reach out to these people before you actually
need them. You will rekindle these relationships without needing anything immediately.

Networking is only awkward when you neglect the ground work. Send the texts or the
emails. Make the calls. Find out who your contacts are, what they are good at, and find
out how to introduce them to other contacts.


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