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Enhance Your Website’s Performance with Videos

Videos have quickly taken the web by storm.

Most web users today prefer watching online videos to reading text;
so having engaging videos on your site – as well as on external sites such
as YouTube – can be extremely beneficial for capturing more online leads.

If you are not convinced that videos can make a difference,
here are a few facts that could change your mind.


Longer Site Visits

Having videos on your site will keep visitors around longer. The longer a potential
customer remains on your site, the more interested they become in your products
and services. This ultimately translates into sales.

Videos can also help to improve your website rankings; when visitors leave your
website after only spending a few seconds on it, this increases your bounce rate.
This is not something you want, because it could actually lower your rankings.

You want to keep your visitors engaged as much as possible,
and you can do this by giving them a few interesting videos on your site.

People are also much more likely to sign up for newsletters
and take other actions that are accompanied by videos.


Back-Links for Increased Rankings

If you prefer not to have videos on your site for some reason,
you should at least post them to video-sharing sites such as YouTube;
this has the potential to grow your business in various ways.

It will create back-links that will increase your prominence and
website rankings in the search results. By adding great keywords, you can
also utilize SEO techniques to attract more potential customers to your site.


Inspire Confidence

Videos provide a personal touch that makes viewers feel more comfortable;
giving viewers first-hand access to what you have to offer without over-selling.

In the process, they feel more connected to your company and
are more likely to buy than if they hadn’t watched your videos.

There are so many different types of videos you can create,
but they all have one common goal; to bring in more sales.

For instance, some people also hearing from previous customers before
trying out a new business; especially when these testimonials are recorded
on video. This gives them more confidence in your product or service vs.
a standard written testimonial.


Online videos can make all the difference when you are trying to convert more
website visitors into customers. Not only that, but they are extremely powerful in
getting more visitors to your site.  If you are looking for ways to increase your
overall website performance, seriously consider adding videos into the mix.



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