Do You Know Your Ideal Client … Even When You See Them?

Do you know your ideal client… even when you see them?
Your ideal client is much different from your typical client. How?

Your typical client NEEDS what you sell, and your ideal client WANTS what you sell.
That difference is huge. Prospects may or may not buy what they need, but they always buy
what they want. If you know how to find your ideal client, you can literally dominate your market.


What you need to know…

Prospects buy based on emotions, and wants are emotion-based. Needs are
logic-based. When your product or service matches what your prospects
specifically want, you will immediately begin to attract your ideal client.


Why you need to know this…

Your ideal client makes you the most money. In fact, for most business owners…
80% of your entire revenue is generated by only 20% of your clients. Those are your
ideal clients. They love you and what you provide to them. They buy from you and you
alone. They’re loyal and will never leave you. They sing your praises from the highest
mountaintop. They send you tons of referrals and they give you unsolicited testimonials.


The cost to you if you fail to act…

Think about this for a moment. A mere 20% of your current clients are producing 80% of
your total business revenue. What if you could replace that remaining 80% of unproductive
clients with more of your 20% clients? Do you realize your income would explode by 16 times?

If your revenues right now total $50,000 annually, you have the potential to
increase your revenue by an additional $750,000. No kidding!


What could you accomplish with that much additional revenue?
What would that revenue mean to you personally? To your business?
And especially to your family?
Can you afford to continue to watch this much additional
fall into the pocket of your competition?


It’s up to every small business owner to take the initiative to develop these
critical skills. Once they do, they often find themselves dominating their market.

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To your success,

Dave Smith


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Dave Smith and IMJustice Marketing

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