Frequently Asked Questions About Lead Generation

Will my leads be 100% for my business only?

Yes, your leads will be completely unique for your business. Once we understand the nature
of your business and the type of customers you’re looking for, we seek out these specific
leads for you and communication strategies to have them “connect” or “friend” with you.


What industries do you supply leads for?

We supply leads for a wide range of industries and are not limited to one particular sector.
So whether you’re a dentist looking for new patients or an attorney looking for new clients,
we can generate leads that fit your requirements. Connecting with your audience is an “Art”.


lead generation tips strategies and ideas


How do you find my leads?

Our expert team find leads from a variety of sources. We also create websites, videos,
write articles and other online properties that capture the interest of those who might be
looking for your products or services. Also, we teach YOU what YOU need to do as well.


Will you be contacting the leads found?

We do contact each lead just to verify that they are interested in your business.


Do you offer a continuous service?

Yes. We offer both one-off leads to certain businesses that work that way, and a continuous
service to those who don’t go out and regular “purchase” names and numbers. You can
use our Lead Generation services for as long as you need to. Want to cancel after a month
or two? No problem! We’re here as long as you need us to be. That’s always your choice.


How do I know your leads are reliable?

We guarantee our strategies, tips, and ideas are reliable and they work. We have a set range
of criteria that needs to happen or be met in order to obtain the growth you are looking for. If
you don’t meet what we’ve asked for, it may not work as you would like it to.  So, when you
understand what “communicating” in this modern Digital Age is like, you know there will be people
out there, after connecting with, that should be ready to find out more about who and what you are.


How much do your leads cost?

Our fees are strictly based on the needs of our clients. And we usually get monthly recurring
payments for our ongoing service and support. There is no “one-size-fits-all” pricing strategy.
We work closely with you to determine how much involvement you will conduct.
Once we’ve established that, we will create a pricing plan specifically for your business.
We look forward to it!


Don’t see the answer to your questions?
Contact us today and we would be happy to speak with you!


lead generation tips for your business or brand





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