Is PRICE The Only Way To Determine Who Is Offering The Best Deal?

Please consider this! Next time you’re online, I want you to search out
and compare a few websites. Compare 2 or more moving company
websites, or perhaps fencing contractors, or attorneys, or accountants
or any other professional or service-based business.



This explains why so many businesses compete on price.

Think about it, when you go to buy something, don’t you always want the
best deal? Well, when businesses look and say the exact same things,
isn’t price the ONLY way to determine who is offering the best deal?

The following statement is often shocking to business owners, but price
is NOT what customers shop for! They’re shopping for VALUE. Customers
will pay twice the price if they believe they’ll receive four times the value.

Prove this to yourself …

Do you buy all your clothes at Walmart? Do you drive the cheapest car
on the market? If not, why not? Value trumps price every time, but when
all businesses look identical to each other, the ONLY value proposition
left to the customer is the business offering the lowest price.

So, let me prove to you right now that everything you have ever learned …
everything you have ever been taught… and everything you have ever
been told about marketing is WRONG!

Here’s a video I created for you. Trust me when I tell you this may be
the most important video you will ever watch as a business owner.

Click here to watch.


It’s a little long… 73 minutes, but I promise you it will be the
BEST 73 minutes you will ever invest as a business owner!

I hope you enjoy it, and next week … I’ll help you begin to market your business
the right way, and watch what happens to your leads and sales once you do.

Click here to watch.


Talk to you then.

Dave Smith

Dave Smith and IMJustice Marketing