Selling the Dream in Brevard County Florida Through Social Media

Here is a Powerful and Ultimately
The Best Business Tip You Can Hear


Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a fitness company that’s all about the passion
and drive of training and about the feeling you get from being at the very top of your game.

Moving away from the “sales” approach to Social Media, we now know that writing posts
saying: “Our training t-shirts are 50% off this summer!” or “Our training shirts are made
with the best materials!”, are everywhere, and most consumers are tired of being “sold to”.


We are not trying to sell

We are trying to inspire and trying to

get people to want to see more of what we do.


And the best way to do this is by selling your “value proposition” and by selling the dream.
So in this case, that might mean having an Instagram account and filling it with photos of
people curling weights in the pouring rain, people wearing cool wraps around their fists,
people hitting punch bags, people running in the gym looking healthy and confident,
or people looking exhausted after a particularly tiring workout.

This is how you sell the dream and the idea and if the images are cool, people will want
to buy your products so that they can make that vision their reality. By inspiring people
with your mission statement and your image, you will create fans and people who want
the same things your company is offering.


This is a far more effective way
to build revenue in the long term
than just trying to sell, sell, sell!





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