Pricing Our Services

( Multiple Discounts Do Apply )
( Prices can differ because no situations are exactly alike … )

A few points:

My “goal” is to serve clients for monthly recurring payments. That is my “preference”.
Unlike most websites, I am as transparent as possible about what I charge.

Through an “Audit” and assessment of your Marketing, I reveal your strengths, weaknesses,
and what you should implement to grow revenue and profits for your business. You may
already have predetermined ideas or wants & needs. That’s OK! I suggest, let’s discuss it.
My price for a complete & thorough Audit is $500, and takes from 30-60 days to complete.
It’s over $1,000 worth of work. And it can be business and life transforming information.


The BIG 5


The Audit  –  $500  –  The entire lengthy thorough Marketing audit
Website Security  –  $199 – $249  –  In special cases, it can be more
Business Funding – When you need quick efficiency … Let’s do it!
Claiming your Business Online  –  $250 for the basic … $500 for the ultimate
Website & Web Pages Speed  –  $250 to do the complete check & overhaul


Video Marketing / Business Videos


Video creation, optimization, description, and sharing … $200 to $1000.00, and
Video monthly Marketing services will range from $250 per month to $750 per month.
This depends on the content, how often posted, and on how many profiles you own …


Digital Content Marketing


Prices will vary monthly for any service you see on our websites, and, separate charges
Social Media profile set-up and website set-up. This is an overall Marketing category
that takes on many shapes and sizes. Again, we search for the $500 per month client,
but we have worked with many others for specific reasons that would be less than that.
Blogging and regular posting of content relating to your business is the focus here …
And for $500 per month, I will implement as much Marketing as a competitor would
at $1000 – $3000 per month … And that’s no joke either!


SEO Marketing


Videos, websites, blogs, images, links, keywords, tags, meta, articles, posts and more.
In optimization, this can be a one-time fee, or a monthly fee. It will depend on the way you
value SEO and its importance … The amount I will charge will be directly related to the
amount of work and time involved. I like to do this “monthly”, but, if you want me to do this
one time, we will agree on a cost beneficial to both parties … Although a 1-time payment is
not ideal, it will give your business a better foundation, and going forward, there is no doubt
your brand will be noticed more. We can do this for 1, 2, or even 3 months … it depends
on how much of a cost we arrive at mutually. Businesses pay $250, $300, $400 and $500
per month, and even more. It depends on the size of everything you own and do, and the
work we agree on. And last, at $500 per month, SEO can be added to a couple of other
Digital Content Marketing services to make a very valuable and unbeatable deal for you.


Social Media Marketing


Existing accounts? YouTube? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? GMB, Yelp, etc.?
(And all of the dozens of Social Media websites you may not have heard of) …
I will improve your profiles for $100.00 each, and explain the changes … No “set-up” fee
for that … I
 will create each profile for $100.00 per profile if there happens to be multiple
Social accounts and profile wishes. Otherwise, 
if only 1 Social Media profile is going to be
built, that charge is $250. Service for Social Media is $250 – $500 monthly. And it depends
on the frequency desired per month to
regularly “post” your content … Images, text & video.


Website Creating, Enhancing & Marketing


To create $500.00 … To add or create the content, improve or enhance it, $500.00 …
This is because it will take the same amount of work and time … Also, websites must be
“hosted”. So, a monthly maintenance fee is discussed for that purpose. 
Naturally, I am
interested in what YOU think that sounds clever or promising 
to improve the look,
appearance, and the “messaging” of your
website based on the many different challenges
and nuances of your business and industry. But, of course, you know I will have lot’s of
ideas and strategies for the creation or upgrading/enhancing of a website and it’s content.


Email Marketing


As a “stand alone” service, $250 set-up fee and $200 – $500 monthly …
It depends on the size of your contact list and how regular you want content emailed …
AND, just so you know, I have a huge content library for over 200 different professions!


List Building


The idea of building a list, is to put certain regular practices in play, that allow
viewers or readers to “opt-in” to your mailing list. Quite often, this is with some
sort of a FREE offer of value. Email, Social Media & Video Marketing & Websites
can all participate in this effort. Forms and special offers will ask for names and
email addresses, besides the ones you may already have right now. Included with
this will be a monthly cost, which includes the maintenance and upkeep of the
campaigns, as well as the Autoresponder used. (They all cost monthly to use).
This agreed upon price typically ranges from $250 – $500 monthly. It is negotiable.


Lead Generation
Reputation Management


There are 2 different ways to Market or Advertise. Tactical and Strategic.
The Tactical methods are the actual monthly implementation of what you choose to
do. These methods can produce leads when your products, services & messaging
is captivating enough or your “calls-to-action” are enticing enough for action.
The Strategic methods are where the bigger revenue and profit-generating ideas
and strategies come from. This is where your messaging, your approach, the way
you tweak or restructure your Marketing and Advertising to produce better results.
Our AUDITS are the greatest tools ever created to reveal these world-class
business and life transforming strategies, tips and ideas. They are truly amazing!

There are many strategies to discuss, and prices will vary almost every time.

With Reputation Management, we have software that helps us do this very well … Again,
after learning your interests here, we will agree upon a monthly budget and price, and it
typically will be from $250 – $500 per month … As always, it depends on many factors …


Google My Business


Google 3-pack$250 for the Basic set up, and $500 for the Premium
This makes sure your Google presence is where it should be and up to date.
After discussing your wants and needs in terms of “ranking”, many services can come
into play here. Just “claiming” your business on Google, improving your presence for
better attention and even connecting your presence to other Social Media websites.
To have ANY kind of a chance to do business or compete locally, this is a MUST.
And, also, we don’t just stop at Google My Business … There are others!


Online Directories


Get listed on the TOP Directories . These are back-links, which immensely
can help you when searches occur for your type of business in your location.

Top 10 Directories – $500 per year, Top 20 Directories – $600 per year
Top 30 Directories – $700 per year, Top 40 Directories – $800 per year
Top 50 Directories – $1000 per year

(dual payments can be arranged out if needed)


Press Releases


$299 – $750 … This depends on the size and the caliber of the audience you want to
reach, and if just once, or a monthly service … When you want to designate a budget
per month for Press Releases, we will explain what that dollar amount can do for your
business, and the exposure you will gain … There are many options … and this also
is one of those “unfair” advantages to create Competition-Crushing Marketing …

Example 1: One-Time Press Release$299, $399, $550 or $750 and hosted
permanently on the biggest Press Release Directory there is. The higher the cost,
the greater the exposure … I will explain …
Example 2: As a monthly service$500 per month … A Press Release per month
will be written and distributed to the Press Release Directories … For maximum
2 different Press Release Directories will be chosen each month)
You can help to supply the new product or service, expansion, public
awareness about a product or service, promotions, new hires, and more …



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