IMJustice Marketing Case Studies


What I want to get across here with these IMJustice Marketing Case Studies, is the fact
that although my case studies may be a bit flat and boring, these are from real Businesses
and real people who have actually implemented the information I shared with them during
my Coaching sessions. These are real people with real lives and real problems. As my
disclaimer though, I did have some help from more accomplished Coaches and Experts
at times. I am not a know-it-all! And want to provide the best to others when possible.

Besides talking to Small Business Owners every day, once in a while, I get lucky to work
on a project (for decent pay too), that is a bit more complex … And at times, unorthodox …
But, I am always humbled by the fact that I am asked to help … There have been times
where I could not, and found someone that could, or eventually just walked away …

So, I hope these are interesting to you … I never give names because I am against
that for several reasons … But I remember these through the years to try an offer my
versatility and competence … Also, on my Tactical Marketing website, I have 7 different
Case Studies there, if you might be interested in reading more … Thanks for visiting!



This HAS to be my #1 Case Study

for IMJustice Marketing Case Studies

IMJustice Marketing Case Studies:
Step by Step Elevator Pitch Example


Most Small Business Owners wonder if all the effort required to develop a “killer”
Elevator Pitch
is really worth all the time and energy it takes to create it. If you’re wondering
the same thing,
just consider the case of Dave and Yvette in Texas. They spent months refining
Elevator Pitch until they heard that one specific response that told them they had it nailed …
“how do you do that?”

Dave and Yvette are in the Travel industry. They offer a business opportunity where couples
join their down line … at which time they help them set up an in-home travel agency that
trips and vacations for families. The couples that join their organization can make a nice
every month working from home … and they’re entitled to discounts on their own trips.

Unfortunately, Dave & Yvette weren’t very good at getting that message out very
effectively to
their prospects. Their very first Elevator Pitch sounded like this …

“We help people diversify their income portfolios while taking trips.”

That’s simply NOT compelling … there’s no emotion in the wording … and it just wasn’t
with anyone. In fact, using the phrase “diversify their income portfolios” makes
the prospect
listening to this actually stop listening and mentally start trying to figure out
what was just said.
In fact, didn’t you just do the exact same thing?

For some reason, Business Owners think they MUST use complex wording to try to impress
prospective clients … when the exact opposite is true. Prospects just want to know how your
product or service is going to benefit them. The easier and quicker, the better they like it.

After finding themselves in the bottom 3% of all travel agents worldwide … they had almost
given up hope. That’s when they stumbled across yours truly. Once I diagnosed their problem,
my answer was for them to learn a process for creating and developing an Elevator Pitch.
I wanted to show them a simple process to create their very own “million-dollar message”.

In just 60 short days, Yvette called us brimming with excitement. She said “Dave … we nailed it!”
When I asked her why she felt that way, she told us that she had a Dentist appointment earlier
that morning, and when she went, the receptionist recognized her and asked what she was
doing these days. That’s when she decided to try out their latest version of their Elevator Pitch.

Here’s their new elevator pitch.

“We help people make a fortune while taking dream vacations.”


She said the entire dental office “shut down”. Her exact words … “it was just like that old
E. F. Hutton commercial where everything goes dead silent”. Right after I said it, two dental
technicians came out of their treatment rooms and asked me “how do you do that?” I had 3
patients who were sitting in the waiting room and overheard me walk up to me immediately
and asked for my business card. It was incredible.

“We help people make a fortune while taking dream vacations”

Now THAT’S an Elevator Pitch. It’s short, compelling, grabs your attention and makes
you instantly want to ask them “how do you do that?” They use it at every networking event
they attend … and they walk out with prospects galore. They use it at Chamber events …
when they attend seminars … and whenever they introduce themselves to strangers.
Everyone … and I mean everyone … always ask them “how do you do that?”

The month they developed this new Elevator Pitch, their business revenue exploded.
They went from a 5-figure annual income to a 5-figure MONTHLY income. That’s no
coincidence. That’s the power of taking the time to create a powerful and compelling
Elevator Pitch. That’s why you want to immediately create one for your business and
then integrate it into all your Sales and Marketing collateral.

Your Elevator Pitch becomes a beacon. It attracts customers to you in droves. It drives
your profits, and it gets your entire staff on the same page with a unifying message too.
It reduces disputes and mismanagement of projects within your business by providing
a specific focus. It brings huge success to areas that used to be difficult … such as
Marketing. It’s literally the most powerful tool you can own in your business.

Once developed, your Elevator Pitch becomes your core message … It becomes your
“war cry” that you position in EVERY form of communication you use. It becomes
the central theme throughout all your Lead Generation and Lead Conversion materials.

That’s why you may need to spend hours … days … weeks … perhaps even months
developing, tweaking and refining your Elevator Pitch. And you will continue to do so forever.
There will ALWAYS be a new and better way to get your message out to your ideal client,
and you must ALWAYS look for that new and better way … for as long as you’re in business.

It literally becomes your “million-dollar message!”


IMJustice Marketing Case Studies:
The Donut Shop


Innovation is always the key to success for any Small Business. In this case study, I’ll
show you how something as mundane as a Donut Shop can find new, innovative and
creative ways to inexpensively position themselves as a dominant force in their market.

This case study was about a Donut shop in Texas, owned by a Korean family, pretty
close to a Krispy Kreme … Think of the strategies I suggested as the holographic
Princess Leah that R2-D2 kept showing Luke in the original Star Wars. Here’s the
blueprint required to destroy the Death Star, and along with it … the Evil Empire.

Use The Force Of The Brand

NOT your typical common boring name, but suggestions that are unique “branding”:

Killer Donuts, Best Darn Donut Shop, Guaranteed GREAT Donuts, Delightful Donuts,
Texas’ Best Donuts, Dragon Donuts (in honor of the local high school mascot),
Southlake Pride Donuts (local community name), and there were more …

The Marketing Wars

Now let’s get business to come to us by leveraging other companies’ customer bases.
This is a great way to get business for any business on any budget. Now that we’ve got
some branding in place and we’re open for business, it’s time to get some customers. But
in building our Donut business for the long term, what’s even more important than getting
customers is building a database of customers that we can Market to for years to come.

This is the downfall of almost every local business on the planet — they allow customers to
haphazardly wander in and spend five or ten bucks… but never attempt to capture customers
contact info so they can proactively woo them back later. They’re perpetual “one shot” sellers.

For my plan to defeat Krispy Kreme, they have to immediately begin gathering names,
emails, and mobile numbers (for text messaging) of as many people as possible …

The Problem and The Kill Shot

The problem: Krispy Kreme came along with its big fat brand and made the donut emotionally
relevant. Krispy Kreme essentially did to donuts what Victoria’s Secret did to bras… what
Calloway did to golf clubs… what Oprah did to talk show hosts. Now people rave about
Krispy Kreme. They wait in line. They don’t go get donuts anymore. They get Krispy Kremes.

My strategy had Press Releases, the Media, posts, blogs, videos, and an Email Marketing
Campaign to the new contact list, and we started to win … It is a very long detailed plan,
and very courageous, but we had a target and a goal, and we achieved it …


IMJustice Marketing Case Studies:
Step by Step Chiropractor Plan


How a Little-Known Chiropractor Turned His Business into
A Lead Generating Money Machine

I had a client in Milwaukee who was a chiropractor. He called me and asked me to take on
his Marketing program, with the goal of doubling his business. Like most Chiropractors, he
was trying to be everything to everyone. He treated back pain, neck pain, headaches,
asthma, fibromyalgia, sciatica and so on.

His current Marketing program consisted of flyers he had inserted into his local newspaper,
and he was paying around $2k per month for that service. The flyers were delivered to
approximately 32000 people each month. He then told me that he was averaging just one
new patient per month from those flyers.

When I asked him WHY he was using newspaper flyers, his response was the same response
I hear from 99% of all Small Business Owners… “that’s what my competition is using.” I asked
him if he had a passion for any one specific condition that he treated. He said he had a real
passion for helping fibromyalgia sufferers, since fibromyalgia is a horrible, painful disease
that no one knows what causes it and there is no known cure for it … although several
Chiropractors are having tremendous success in completely relieving the pain associated
with this disease through a carefully restricted and monitored diet.

I recommended that he use his passion and create a niche market … meaning that instead
of treating all the various painful conditions like he was currently doing … he would specialize
in fibromyalgia and use just that one condition as the primary focus for his Marketing. He can
still treat the other conditions, but his core message will always focus on fibromyalgia.
We developed a plan of action, it worked amazingly well, and his business near tripled.

This too is a very long story, because there was a lot involved, and there is a lot to say …
But, here on this page, I will not do that … It would take up the entire page …


   IMJustice Marketing Case Studies:
The Wrong Sales Process


The Situation

A professional services company had a handful of sales reps, all of whom were
missing their numbers. The CEO was frustrated because they had a strong direct-mail
program that was producing a very high call-in rate. However, the call-in conversion
rate was quite low and generating far less revenue/sales than projected.


I went in to study the client acquisition process from beginning to end. Clearly, the direct-mail
campaign was working based on the high percentage of prospects calling in from each mailing.
The sales reps had good selling skills and used a traditional consultative selling process.
However, I discovered that the prospects calling in were ready to buy and didn’t need to go
through a consultative process. So, the sales reps were getting in the way of the sales!

Changes Made

I took one sales rep out of the client acquisition process for one day and had his incoming
calls answered by an office assistant whom we asked to play customer service rep. At the
end of the day, the number of call-in conversions was up significantly. As suggested, they
immediately replaced all the sales reps with customer service reps. Since the company
wanted to keep the sales reps, I suggested to move the handful of sales reps to outside
sales with a major account acquisition strategy and execution plan.

The Conclusion

Sales tripled in the first thirty days from the direct-mailing call-in conversions! One sales
rep left, and revenue was up an additional 29% at the end of four months. Literally 99%
of all companies have no company-wide sales process or, even worse, an ineffective
sales process. This is like a football team not using the same playbook or defending
against a running game when the opponents are playing a passing game!


IMJustice Marketing Case Studies:
Leads and The Funnel


This particular company was an Online eLearning platform that offered many value-driven courses.
They were
looking to launch a Digital Marketing eCourse for beginners and engage their prospects
well for leads and convert them into paying customers.

The problem was that despite creating value-driven eCourses, they could not fetch enough
results using conventional Marketing methods.
It is where I helped them achieve their goals!

First, I helped them create a lead magnet funnel using one of my Funnel-Builders to capture leads.
A large number of people downloaded their Compelling offer (which I created), leading to bigger
The next step was running email sequences to nurture them. And Finally, I helped
them create high-converting sales pages for each of the courses using Artificial Intelligence.

They drove hot traffic (through Email Marketing and also DRIP campaigns) to these sales pages.
And that skyrocketed their conversions and sales. They were able to gather 10K+ leads through
the lead magnet funnel and then over $131,000 in sales through a sales funnel, backed by an
email nurturing sequence.

Small Business Owners can make the most of superior Marketing strategies just like here,
to grow their tremendous potential that lies within their business …


IMJustice Marketing Case Studies:


The Situation

The CEO of a gas production company was looking for ways to grow sales and increase
the value of the company. His goal was to sell the company once it had gotten bigger.


After evaluating their sales force, I noticed that the salespeople were not calling on all the
potential influencers and decision-makers. I also noticed they were not asking enough of
the right questions, so that the resulting deals were much smaller in size and more difficult
to close than necessary. Part of the problem was that the “sales” people were operations
employees who had been given sales responsibility and didn’t know how to talk to executives.

Changes Made

I helped the salespeople identify all the stakeholders in a deal and determine what information
they needed to find out. Then we implemented weekly coaching calls with the sales team to
help develop some sales muscle. The sales folks not only closed more deals, but they also
closed larger deals. Within 7 months, they had closed enough deals to double the size of the
company and enable it to be sold for a healthy multiple.

The Common Problem

If you change the way a person thinks, you will change the way he or she performs.
In this case study, the problem was the sales team’s discomfort in speaking with
executives. But the self-sabotage mindset comes in many different flavors. I see it
when people fail to ask good business questions, fail to find value, or discuss price,
exhibit a strong need to be liked, insist on reading from a script – and the list goes on.



IMJustice Marketing Case Studies:
Market Going Flat


The Situation

The CEO of a small telephone-systems company was looking for a way
to stand out in a sea of competitors, and their market was going flat.


I looked at their strengths, ideal client profile, and their sales reps’ ability to position
and sell. What I discovered was that they had a unique advantage over competitors
and an idea of their ideal or target client profile. I was unsure if their reps could sell at
a high level, but they were hungry and coachable, and had a good attitude and mindset.

Changes Made

I came up with a powerful approach to get the sales flowing. I developed an educational
presentation to highlight business issues and focus on the target customers frustrations.
After a few weeks, we were getting better, but it still could improve. So, I added a
compelling no-risk guarantee and a few additional selling skills to shift into 3rd gear.

The Conclusion

In the first 6 months, sales went up 50% with an additional 43 systems sold. Based on
the guarantee they had to refund one system which they turned around and sold on the
used market for a tiny profit including the labor cost. Most companies don’t recognize their
strengths or know how to leverage them to create a huge selling advantage for themselves.
Even in a flat market, performing a Marketing Audit, refocusing sales efforts, and taking a
little bit of Coaching advice and guidance, just might yield significant gains!






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