Strategic vs Tactical Marketing

The Marketing system I’m going to teach you today is based on unchanging principles of
human nature that dictate that people always want to make the best buying decision possible,
and therefore … Marketing’s job — your job — is not to yak incessantly about how great you are.
or how low your prices are. Your job is to position your prospective buyer’s so they have total
control over the decision-making process … based on them having enough quantity and quality
of information to determine that they’re receiving the most value for the price they pay.

The system is truly a breakthrough in Marketing and Advertising, yet it’s simple and easy to
understand. There are hundreds of client successes to prove that this works literally every time
it’s implemented properly, regardless of what business or industry you’re in. I’m going to introduce
you to some very common-sense principles of Marketing that you’ll be able to instantly validate
and embrace … principles that will give you a clear vision of what your Marketing is supposed to
look like and, just as importantly, what it’s not supposed to look like.


I want to show you the fundamental formulas and strategies to not only make your Marketing
work better … but to enable you to create what I call “Competition-Crushing” Marketing. I want
you to see how powerful all of this is … allow you to comprehend what the possibilities are for
your business … and what a significant advantage you’ll hold over your competitors when you
implement it. So let’s get started. What say you?


Strategic and Tactical Marketing with IMJustice Marketing


There are two main components to any Marketing plan: Strategic Marketing and Tactical Marketing.
Strategic Marketing is the content of your message. It’s what you say and how you say it, including
the concepts that you choose to focus on, the words and images you use to communicate those
concepts, and the tone in which the message is delivered. Tactical Marketing on the other hand,
has to do with the execution of the strategic marketing … such as placing ads, building a website,
attending trade shows and things like that. If I ask a Business Owner about their Marketing plan,
the answer almost always comes back in terms of Tactical Marketing: They send direct mail, run
radio ads, create a website… those kinds of things.


But the key to effective Marketing is to master the Strategic side … NOT the Tactical. What you say
in your Marketing … and how you say it … are almost always more important than the marketing
medium where you say it. Both are important of course, but the real leverage is in the messaging
itself … and that’s the strategic side of Marketing. In fact, when a Marketing campaign bombs, the
tendency is almost always to blame the Marketing medium like the TV or radio station, which is the
tactical part of the plan, without any regard to how good or bad the strategy behind that Marketing
piece was. During this presentation, you’ll learn how to say things in a way that will make a profound
difference in your Marketing results.


This system has been successfully implemented in over 400 different industries, including
Business Coaches, Social Media Consultants, Contractors, Business Brokers, Accountants,
Financial Companies, Retail Stores, Real Estate Companies, Home Builders, Restaurants,
Software Companies, Doctors, Dentists, Remodelers, Internet Companies, Manufacturing
Companies, and anything and everything else you can think of. We’ve even used it to help
a $10 per hour dog walker build his business to over half a million dollars. Our revolutionary
new lead generation system works with all sizes of businesses … from start-ups … clear up
to Fortune 500 companies. But our true passion lies in working with Small Businesses
averaging $2 million in revenue and below.

This system will let you FINALLY quit competing on price … and start selling your product or
service for what you’re really worth. You’ll drive in more leads … and often see an increase in
your advertising response by 2 to more than 100 times. You’ll also convert a higher percentage
of those leads … and make your salespeople into superstars. You’ll increase the amount of your
average sale … and your list of clients that pay, stay and refer will increase significantly. In short,
you’ll get a bigger bang for your Marketing buck. But maybe best of all, you will FINALLY have
total control over your Marketing and lead generation results.


stand out among your local competition