Want to know how online directories work?

The concept of online directories is actually a pretty simple one. Online directories are
very similar to the printed Yellow Pages in the real world, only these listings are only online.
(Actually YellowPages.com is now also one of the biggest online directories as well.)


A directory is just a listing place for a number of websites. Any type of website could be listed
in an online directory. Some online directories are huge and cover every topic that someone
could create a website for, while others are very small and specific to a specific niche.
This means that online directories will direct you to just about any website that you want to find.
All you have to do is perform a search in the online directory for a specific topic, or browse through
the various categories until you find the type of websites you are looking for. When you perform
a search you will be given a list of all of the websites that relate to your search term. You will
be presented with a number of links to these websites and each link will have a short description
of what you are likely to find on the website. You can read the descriptions and choose to
click on the website that best suits you.


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