Where’s the best place to start looking at online directories you should be in?

Start with your competitors!

You will probably want to consider listing with the top 10 online directories, as these will be
used by a lot of people and will offer higher relevancy and authority in the eyes of search engines.
Google My Business is a large general-interest directory that you will want to list your small
business with. If your website sells tangible goods, you may also want to consider listing it in
comparison shopping websites and product listings directories. Studies show that 42% of
consumers will look at a comparison shopping website before they decide to purchase
a specific product.


The best way to figure out which specific online directories your small business should be
listed in is to start with your competitors. Take a look at your local and niche-specific options
and figure out if your competition is already listed. If they are, you need to be listed too.
If they are not listed, you want to list your website anyway as a way to beat them to the punch.
In some situations it may not make sense for you to have a listing in a specific online directory,
even if your competitors are listed in it. Your goal should be to be listed in every relevant
and niche-specific directory you can find as well as many of the major directories,
but not so many directories that you appear as spam.


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