Pricing Our Services

( Prices will differ at times, and multiple discounts are available )


My Pricing … A few thoughts

You may have possibly heard many Marketing related promises to grow your business …
I understand that! When it comes to pricing, I realize there’s some very inflated prices out there,
and when
you examine what you get for it, you may not be very enthusiastic at all … What I have
created, is a service line-up and a pricing structure, that is fair, manageable, and definitely NOT
at the higher end of the marketplace for what I do … I believe I have something for any budget …
We discuss things, get to know each other better, and come to an agreement.
I believe I have something for any and every situation … 


Pricing Our Services



The BIG 5


The Marketing Audit  –  $250, $500, $750  –  Typically 30 days to complete
Website Security  –  $199 – $299  –  In special cases, it can be more
Business Funding – Lots of loan types, and over 75 contacts nationally
Claiming your Business Online  –  $250 for the basic … $500 for the ultimate
Website & Web Pages Speed  –  $250 to do the complete check & overhaul



FREE Subscription
NO COST for 61 value-packed emails in all, delivered one per week to your inbox
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Business Coaching
$497 $750, $997, and $1497 per month … Game Plan & Strategies will be
decided upon when we have our meetings-of-the-mind … Each choice has one
of “The Packages” included (see below) …
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Strategy Sessions
$1 for an hour, and get answers or solutions to your woes,
$500 for as long as it takes … complete and thorough (Zoom-type)
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Business Plans
Niche Specific $750, Strategic $1000, Ultimate Marketing $1000 … There is an
“add-on” called “By The Numbers” … If purchased,
whichever Business Plan
is decided on, the total will be $1500 …
EVERY Business should have one! …
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The Packages
$97 to $397 per month, lasts about a year and a half long … All tested and
proven world-class strategies right to your inbox! Designed specifically to
provide the same powerful information but without paying the cost of a
Business Coach, Agency, or Marketing Strategist …
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The Software
Packages range from $297 to as much as $1997 per month …
May be the last software you will ever need for your business …
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Reveal the financial potential that lies within your business …
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As Seen On The “Services” Page

$97 per month

Bronze Package   …   $197 per month

Silver Package    ...    $297 per month

Silver Plus Package    ...    $397 per month



Pay Per Click Ads

What is your “Ad Spend”?


Video Marketing 

$297 to $997 per month …


Digital Content Marketing

$297 – $997 per month covers the implementation of a chosen Tactics …


SEO Marketing

$197 to $497 per month … Always depends …


Social Media Marketing

Existing accounts? Need them “built” or “created”? Need them upgraded or optimized?
Whatever the need, regular posting, adjusting, optimizing, and improving, are what it
takes in Social Media today, to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and in the
forefront of your target or ideal customers minds … $497 per month keeps you constant
and relevant so that when the need arises for your products or services, you are there.


Website Design & Marketing

To create $500.00 … To add or create the content, improve or enhance it, $500.00
You will need “hosting” and someone to maintain the website … Maintenance could
be anywhere from $50 to $100 per month … As usual, it depends on our discussion …


Email Marketing

$500 set-up fee (software & emails), and $297 – $497 monthly … (depends)
It depends on the size of your contact list and how regular you want content emailed …
AND, just so you know, if you need the emails written for you, I can oblige in a big way!


List Building

Building a list is an art … Did you ever hear “The money is in the list”?
Well, the biggest and baddest Marketers swear by that statement …
There’s a lot of different methods to accomplish this … We discuss that …


Lead Generation & Reputation Management

For “Leads”, I have software that can produce them, and organic methods to
have them contact you … Proactive & Reactive Lead Generation …

With Reputation Management, there is no better software on the planet than
the one I use and offer … There are different “Buy-in’s” with both services,
we would have to discuss … But, the options are from $297 – $1497 monthly …
Or, they are included when I am your Business Coach, and a certain monthly cost.


Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile – $250 for the Basic set up, and $500 for the Premium
This could possibly be the best money for Local Marketing you can ever spend …
I can do this service for you and then we are done. Or I can perform monthly to keep
the search engine Gods happy, and your business relevant and ranking as high as
possible. This service at $497 per month, should pay for itself over and over again …


Online Directories

This is all about getting found, and dominating your competition in searches …
WAY more important than most know … There are many options here …


Press Releases

3 different options to choose from with Press Release Marketing
And in case you didn’t know, your PR is sent to Google News, Fox, NBC, ABC,
Affiliate News Sites, and 450+ Authority Links throughout this country …

First Option:

Here, a one-time charge for a one time Press Release … $497 …

Second Option:

As a monthly service, $497 per month … One Press Release per month …

Third Option:

This is the largest directory site on the planet … One-time and monthly choices …

Basic – One-time $500 … Monthly $400 – to the major search engines
Standard – One-time $599 … Monthly $499 – also, to tons of media sites
Advanced – One-time $699 … Monthly $599 – also, emailed to influencers
Premium – One-time $800 … Monthly $700 – also, to related Twitter and Blogs



AND, “My DEALS” Page here on this website
It’s one of the tabs under “Breakthrough Strategies”



Pricing The Services at IMJustice Marketing









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