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My Pricing … A few thoughts

There many Marketing related promises to grow your business … I understand this!
With pricing, and some very inflated prices indeed, when
you examine what you
get for it, you may not be very enthusiastic … My Business Coaching & Strategic
Marketing is fair, manageable, and definitely NOT at the higher end of the market …
I have created something for any budget …

Business Coaching comes FIRST, because IT HAS TO BE first … When finished,
the Tactical Marketing approach can be decided on … Most do this backwards!

We discuss things, get to know each other better, and agree on a strategy …
Whatever it takes to get your business growing … And whatever budget suits you …
If you want to “get your feet wet”, subscribe to my FREE Subscription … If you
want to dive in and see some real proof, choose MY BONUS, and fill out the form …


Pricing Our Services



FREE Subscription
NO COST for 61 value-packed emails in all,
delivered once per week to your inbox …
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Business Coaching
$497 $750, $997, and $1497 per month …
Game Plan & Strategies will be decided upon when we
have our meetings-of-the-mind … Any dollar amount you
decide on will be in proportion to the services you receive …
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Strategy Sessions
$1 for an hour, and an answer or solution to your question or uncertainty,
$500, for as long as it takes, with a complete and thorough (Zoom-type)
meeting, that goes along with the necessary form needed to be filled out …
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Business Plans
Niche Specific $750, Strategic $1000, Ultimate Marketing $1000 … There is an
“add-on” called “By The Numbers”, and if purchased
with a Business Plan,
the total is $1500 …
EVERY Business should have one! … Start-up or not!
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The Packages
$97 to $397 per month, lasts about a year and a half long … All tested and proven
world-class strategies right to your inbox! Designed specifically to provide the same
powerful information but without paying the cost of a Business Coach, Agency, or
Marketing Strategist … Get all the goods to use however and whenever you want!
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The Software
At $497 per month, join thousands upon thousands of Business Owners aroound
the world, who have the most advanced all-in-one system for Lead Generation and
follow-up ever created … Weekly meetings, trainings and Masterminds are included …
May be the last software you will ever need for your business … There isn’t anything
even remotely close to it and its power and capabilities … I will help you set it up …
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Reveal the financial potential that lies within your business …
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As Seen On The “Services” Page

$97 per month

Bronze Package   …   $197 per month

Silver Package    ...    $297 per month

Silver Plus Package    ...    $397 per month



I can and will do any of the “tactics”, if you would like for me to …
Many times I outsource this work to Specialists … It depends …
This is one of the topics we discuss in our Strategy Sessions …


Pay Per Click Ads … Video Marketing 

Digital Content MarketingSEO Marketing

Social Media Marketing … Email Marketing

Website Design & Marketing … List Building

Lead Generation … Reputation Management


Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile – $250 for the Basic set up, and $500 for the Premium
This goes for ANY Social Profiles … We can work something out for multiple profiles …
This could possibly be the best money for Local Marketing you can ever spend …
I can do this service for you and then we are done. Or I can perform monthly to keep
the search engine Gods happy, and your business relevant and ranking as high as
possible. This “regular” implementation of your messaging is crucial for dominating …


Online Directories

Press Releases




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It’s one of the tabs under “Breakthrough Strategies”



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