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Strategic Marketing 



Strategic Marketing helps you figure out what’s important to your prospects.
It educates them as to what constitutes the best deal when it comes to buying
what you sell. (VALUE). Then, you show them quantifiable proof that you
provide the best deal in terms of price and value to what they want. All this
has to be communicated to them in a way they’ll pay attention to, believe in,
and then take action on. When this occurs, the prospect gets what they really
want, and have complete confidence they have actually made the best decision
possible, and that they have truly gotten the best value.



Strategy Before Tactics!


What is the actual purpose of Strategic Marketing?
Marketing should help facilitate your prospects’ decision-making process.
There are prospects out there that need to buy what you sell. Sometimes
they need to be educated to the fact that they need to buy what you sell
in the first place. And other times, they already know that they want it,
but they need help deciding who they should buy it from. Often, they
think about and want what you sell, but have questions and concerns
that need to be overcome before they will pull out their credit card or
checkbook. But consider this.

Because these prospects are not experts in what you do, or their exposure
to what you sell is quite low, they do not really know the relevant issues
surrounding the purchase. They don’t know how to make the best decision,
they can’t tell the difference between the BEST deal and a major mistake,
which leaves an opportunity for you to provide them with this information,
and then guide them through the buying process.


and you do that with:

Strategic Marketing


Local consumers try to find, connect with, and use the services of the
businesses who answer their challenges, problems, issues and concerns.

Do you answer their challenges, problems, issues and concerns?
Are you consistent and regular with your Marketing Strategies?
Do you put Strategic Marketing ahead of Tactical Marketing?
And, are you any different than your competition?


Strategic Marketing AT LEAST, Focuses on:

Establishing a “Specific Market Dominating Position”
Identifying your “Target or Ideal Customer”
Mapping out their “Decision Making Process”
Composing a “Compelling Message”
Creating a “Successful Sales Process”
Deploying “Strategic” instead of Tactical Marketing


Those who provide outstanding content, WINS all the most profitable
customers available! When Marketing is done improperly, the end result is
100% predictable. You feel intense pricing pressure from your prospects, and
typically you cave in, lower your prices, and destroy your margins. Then, you
make way less money than you should, just to stay competitive. And you spend
more time at work and away from your family than those that are successful.




Strategic Marketing


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