With Your Success, Comes MY Success

I help Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals,
who find themselves struggling, stuck, or not growing their business
like they would like to, understand why that is happening to them, so
they can turn that situation around for good … Or, once and for all!

I help those who are fed up with constantly competing on price,
lackluster sales, inadequate revenue … and Marketing or Advertising
that’s not only expensive, but doesn’t really generate any meaningful
number of quality or qualified leads for their business …


And then I help them turn that situation around for good …
And they never look at Marketing the same way ever again …




Business Coaching

Mission Statement

Transforming businesses and lives by revealing the
Marketing Strategies never discussed, taught, or sold …

Compelling and successful Marketing can provide you with the financial freedom to pursue
your real, true ambitions in life. I believe that everybody has a cause, a cause that
can be
more fully pursued and supported when you’re financially independent.
I help Small Business
Owners to reach that goal. I have the tools, skills, training, resources and support to help you
accomplish the business and the life you have always dreamed of ..
. With your investment and
your open mind, I will show you how effective
Marketing can really be for your company …
And how it may transform your business and your life into something absolutely amazing …


Value Statement

World-Class tested and proven strategies & tactics from the
top Business Minds and Marketing Experts on the planet …

I help the Small Business Owner create a mindset, that once they know these strategies and
tactics that produce big league results, they will have a much more relaxed attitude and also
temperament to not wonder if they should read that next email, take that next sales call, or
even schedule that next appointment with the Marketing or Advertising Agency who can grow
their business bigger and better
than ever, by offering ONLY the tactics (or methods) in which
their company offers.

With this mindset and piece of mind established, the Small Business Owner can devote full
attention to their work and their customers … And with this new performance and growth,
receive the satisfaction and joy in which they deserve …


Vision Statement

I will help you unlock the tremendous potential that lies within your
business, and build the business you have always dreamed of having …

Welcome to IMJustice Marketing and Dave Smith, your Partner in achieving your business goals and
unlocking your full potential. I’m an experienced Financial Services Professional and Business Coach
(or Strategist), who specializes in helping Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals
take their businesses to a bigger and better level. The tested and proven approach is designed to
help you identify opportunities for growth, overcome challenges, and achieve success in your industry.

I understand that running a business can be overwhelming, and that’s where I come in. I have learned
from quite the team of world known Business Minds and Experts, and I will work with you to develop
a customized plan that addresses your unique challenges and goals. I use the insights and strategies
you need to succeed. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, increase profitability, or improve
efficiency, I’m here to help.


What They Are Saying:

Kal Amer, eComPros

“Dave Smith is an expert in Marketing techniques and how to grow a business.”

Barbara Williams, SEO Specialist
“Dave isn’t your run of the mill sales vulture. He won’t swoop down on you and claim
to be
the best at solving your particular problem before he even hears what you have
to say.
Rather, Dave sits down with you to find out what makes you and your business
tick, first of all.
He may have some preconceived idea of what it might be, but he wants
to find out what else
might be at work to hold you back. Personally, I think his business
name is a bit shortened:
IM Truth, Justice & The American Way!”

Sean West, IWest Internet
“Sharp guy. Takes a few minutes to go over things and discuss viewpoints.”

Gloria Bravo, Trinity Insurance
“Dave @ IMJustice Marketing provides well rounded services that will boost your business
endeavors. It is my pleasure to recommend Dave to increase your visibility & income.”

The Talley Notary
“He’s great at what he does and responds quickly.”

Todd Miller, J. Galt
“Dave is not your normal Marketing/Business Coach. He is truly trying to help business owners
take their company to the next level with outside the box thinking and experience. I highly
recommend you meet with him to see for yourself how he can help you and your company!”

Jean Valbrun, Valbrun Financial
“Dave is a passionate, well-researched and genuine coach. He is not only experienced
and knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable. He is very enthusiastic about
sharing his knowledge and has the best interest of others at heart.”

Jim Hale, GetGeoFencing.com
“Dave is a Marketers Marketer. Dave understands that before you get to the tactics of Marketing,
a business needs to have an understanding of where they are now and a strategy to go from
point A to B. Only then do you select the tactics of Marketing to execute the strategy. Dave has a
truly consultative and partnering approach with his clients that reflects intellect and vast experience.
Connect with Dave.”

Rushauna Beckles, Served With Creativity
“Dave is a very genuine and kind individual. He knows his stuff when it comes
to Marketing and business. He’s an absolute wealth of information!”

Steve Coffman, Mortgage Professional & Business Owner
“Dave is a very experienced and talented Marketing Specialist.
I have used his Services and was happy with his results. “


I am proud and humble, to have earned dozens more … 


At IMJustice Marketing, I believe that every business has the potential for
success …
My mission is to unlock that potential and help you to achieve your
goals … With tested
and proven strategies & tactics, personalized attention,
and commitment to excellence,
I’m confident that I can help you take your
business to a bigger and better future …


Ready to start your journey to success? … Let’s talk!


In Summary

I teach Marketing for your business … to a point where it becomes
obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do business
with anyone other than you … at anytime, anywhere, or at any price.



Not necessary but it would help to get to know you a bit better





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Guiding Business Owners to unlock the tremendous potential in themselves and their business


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