Frequently Asked Questions



Number One

How Am I Any Different Than Other Marketing Pro’s



I make sure my Small Business Owner clients get what they want. I do this with innovative
Marketing to give the right answers that produce the many tested and proven results used
by Business Coaches and Marketing Experts all over the globe …

Small Business Owners get calls, emails, letters, and “sold” the latest and greatest shiny
object tactics to make them wealthy beyond measure … All they really want, is to get the
best strategies to do more business, make more money, and live the life they have dreamed
of … I help the Small Business Owners create a mindset, that once they know these
strategies and tactics that produce big league results, they will have a much more relaxed
attitude and also temperament to not wonder if they should read that next email, take that
next call, watch that next video, or schedule that next appointment with the Marketing Guru
who can take them to the moon and stars with tactics like SEO, a great website, a wonderful
paid ad, a video, your Google account, and on and on …

With this mindset and piece of mind established, the Small Business Owner can devote
full attention to their work and their customers … And with this new performance and growth,
receive the satisfaction and joy from their career and life that they have always wanted …


Number Two

How Can I Make Money Fast With Marketing



I teach Marketing for your business … to a point where it becomes obvious to your prospects
that they would be an idiot to do business with anyone other than you … at anytime, anywhere,
or at any price. So, in one sense, why does the “speed” of that inevitable outcome matter?

Compelling and successful Marketing can provide you with the financial freedom to pursue your
real, true ambitions in life. I believe everybody has a cause that can be fully pursued and
supported when you are financially independent. And you can get there with better Marketing.
Again, “speed” doesn’t factor into it. Dominate your market and competition with tested and
proven World-Class Strategies & Tactics that help you build the Business you have always
dreamed of … a Business that provides you with financial freedom and an extraordinary life
for you and your family.

Local consumers actively use the internet and other digital platforms. Therefore, they try to find,
connect with, and use the services of the businesses who answer their problems, issues and
concerns … Do you answer their problems, issues and concerns?Are you consistent and
regular?How different from your competitors are you?Do you put Strategic Marketing
ahead of Tactical Marketing? With tested and proven fundamentals of growing a business,
you’ll excel at these basic fundamentals, and then you are on your way to a bigger better life
with Strategic Marketing … Does it really matter how fast you achieve that?


The Frequently Asked Questions of IMJustice Marketing



Number Three

How Do I Reduce My Marketing and Advertising Costs



Marketing & Advertising spending can very quickly eat your bottom line and leave you with miniscule
profits. When your business is doing well, it is so easy to be liberal with spending. You land a big account
and decide to outfit your company with new computer systems. Or, you make a huge sale and take your
team out for a fancy dinner. There is nothing wrong with spending company money, if you are aware of
what your business can afford. Too often, you find out that you could not afford that big dinner when you
review financial statements a month later. Then what?

Cost Management is part of ensuring your company turns a healthy profit. Its penny pinching so that your
hard work is rewarded. The money that leaves your business deserves just as much attention as the money
that comes into your business. Especially for Small Businesses, tiny percentages can often be the difference
between wealth and mediocrity. Scrutinize your spending and you’ll be well on your way to increased profitability.

Unfortunately, Cost Management typically comes into focus as a strategy only when it is an absolute necessity.
Do not let that happen to your business. Stringent Cost Management is an activity that every successful
Business Owner partakes in on a constant basis. It is just as important as monitoring your revenues. After all,
the difference between the two is what you get to take home at the end of the day. Small Businesses do not
have the luxury of big bank accounts, and generous investors. The only way you will realize your true wealth
potential is by carefully monitoring what comes in, and what goes out. Or you Market & Advertise much better.
When your Marketing & Advertising improves, and improves because of the fact you finally connected with the
right individual who actually knows how to grow a business instead of how to “sell” you Marketing & Advertising,
you win … And win big!


Number Four

How Much Content and Social Media Activity Do I Need



Social Media Strategies create communities around your business and create casual opportunities
to interact with your customers. Social Media is exploding as a form of Online Marketing, and the
Marketing world is buzzing with strategies for tapping into and profiting from the surge. Basically,
Social Media works to promote your business by directing traffic, producing links, and generating
awareness through the spiderweb of personal and professional networks.

Blogging and Social Networking Sites

Blogs promote your intellectual capital and provide links to your site. Business blogs can be created
through any hosting service and connected to your own website. You can also create a blog on your
own website. Focus on creating interesting, relevant content, and try to avoid talking about your product
or service all the time. If your content is genuine and you post regularly, people will link to it and drive
traffic to your site as well as boost your search engine ranking.

Social Networking Sites drive awareness and provide likes to your site.

Popular Social Networking Communities include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (and lately, many,
many more). Facebook allows businesses to create their own pages, and then individuals with profiles
can then become “fans”. Content you post to your business’ Facebook page will appear in all your fans
news feeds, and they will be able to receive instant updates.

Twitter is a fairly simple network that connects people and allows you to post and update your status.
You can follow others status updates, and they can follow yours. Your “ranking” or popularity is
determined by the number of people who “follow” your “tweets” and the number of people you follow.

LinkedIn is a bit more business-like, but Marketing still has to be done correctly, or you will be a
nuisance. And I mean, a REAL nuisance! The direct sales approaches I get there daily are pathetic.
No relationship building, no comments about who and what I am, nothing about why they are trying
to connect with me, just pathetic.

Businesses are getting creative with how they use these services though. As with Blogs, Social
Networking is not about promoting your business every chance you get. It is about being part of a
genuine community, informing and educating your audience, and listening and participating in an
honest way that contributes to everyone who is a part of it. If you hog the conversation, it will hurt
your reputation. If you sell, sell, sell, NOBODY will pay you any attention.

Remember that the Internet is an evolving tool, and so successful Internet Marketing requires a
Strategy that continually evolves. And when it comes to the “amount” of content and activity
necessary, it is MASSIVE, that’s how much … Know this … If a competitor writes better content,
and more of it, you lose … Anyone who searches, will appreciate them better …


Number Five

What’s The Best Way To Generate Quality Leads



Here is the deal: in order to start generating more leads with less time and financial investment,
you first must spend time setting up systems and making some changes. Your goal is to establish
a solid lead tracking and lead management system and make small tweaks to your existing
Lead Generation Strategies.

Do you know where your current leads are coming from, or how many you get on a daily, weekly,
or by-campaign basis? If I asked you to tell me right now what your top Lead Generation Strategies
are, what would you say?

How do You Get Qualified Leads?

The crux of qualified Lead Generation is making decisions based on the market research you
completed on your target market. You basically need to know where to reach your market, and
how to speak to them. When you are designing, executing, and making choices about your Lead
Generation Strategies, always consider these questions. Who is my target market? How does my
target market like to receive info? What motivates my target market to take action? How can I tap
into that motivation? Where can I place my Marketing message so my target market will see it?
What can I offer my target market to entice them to purchase from me?

Remember that when more leads start flowing through your door, you will need to have the resources
and systems in place to give a high level of customer service and to convert them into loyal customers.
You have put effort into generating these qualified leads, but if you do not have the resources in place
to give them the attention required, you will lose them.


Number Six

How Can I Market or Advertise Better



The strength of your Marketing message lies in its ability to speak to the specific wants and
desires of your target market, and tap into their emotional reactions, or hot buttons. When you
push those hot buttons, you motivate your audience to act. The more people you can motivate
to act, the more leads you will have in store and on the other end of the phone line.

A Marketing message is simply a statement or phrase that you use to communicate information
about your business to others. A strong Marketing message will do four things:

Speak to the reader’s needs, wants or problems (hot buttons)
Offer a solution, advantage, or benefit
Describe a point of difference
Motivate the reader to act

The key here is to motivate your target audience to do something after they read or hear the
message. It needs to be strong enough to entice the audience to ask for more information,
visit the website, pick up the phone or walk in the store. You will put your Marketing message
on every piece of Marketing material your business uses for Lead Generation, so it must be
powerful and consistent and speak to the group of people that you have identified as your ideal
customers. Strengthening your Marketing message has the potential to dramatically increase
your Lead Generation before you even change your existing strategies.

Use all the information you gathered about your target market
to figure out what your customer’s hot buttons are.

Describe the value or benefit that your product or service
offers your customers.

Think about the outcome of the value or solution that you provide.

What is your company’s point of difference?
What makes you stand out from the competition?

What is the perception you would like others to have about your business?

Based on the notes you wrote in response to the above questions,
summarize the information into a paragraph of 4 to 5 sentences.

Using descriptive language, synthesize your paragraph into a single sentence
of 15 words or less. This sentence will become your unique Marketing message!


Improve upon your Marketing “message”,
improve your Marketing & Advertising …



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