Discovering The “Problems”


Your Leads, Conversions, Transactions, Profits and The Prices …


Are you digging deep into the issues of why you aren’t reaching the dream business and life you have always wanted? … Remember, in order for you to get what you’ve always wanted, you are going to have to do some things you have never done (and probably have never wanted to do, either!) … What pushes people through this uncomfortable spot? Pain. Problems. Frustrations. Challenges. Issues. Uncertainties … 

If you are like so many others, you will have to fight the temptation to look or hope for encouragement, to be coddled, or revert to old ways which simply do not give you the kind of success you want. You will probably want to pull back and make it more “comfortable”. But the tension is good, it is necessary, and you need to be able to really uncover the “real” problems that your Marketing or Business have, if you want to do what is the best things possible for you, your business, and even at times “others” … 


Here are some questions you will want to ask: 

  • How long have you been dealing with this? 
  • Do you have any processes or systems in place to solve this problem? 
  • Why have you been dealing with this for so long without help? 
  • Are you comfortable being in this position for much longer?
  • What happens if you do not figure it out and you just stay stuck, or keep struggling?
  • If you had to attach a “cost” to this problem what would you say? 


These questions go for the jugular, so to speak … and they will give you some great notes to truly understand the position you may really be in. It also works both ways … for instance, what if I ask you this question, “Are you comfortable being in this position for much longer?” And you say, “Yep! Not really a big deal right now”. Well, then I would know! You are probably not motivated enough to spend thousands of dollars on a solution. Best to read the questions again to confirm you understand that it just might be more critical than you know… In this case, I would probably say, “Why are we even talking if you don’t want to fix it?” …

You might say, “Oh I misunderstood, no I want to fix it!” Or you might say, “I just wanted to see what you were up to”. If you’re just kicking the tires, that’s one thing. But, if you really have no interest in discovering REAL tested and proven world-class strategies, then why would I waste time if you are not motivated to fix any revenue-robbing issues? Know what I mean?

Another very important “discovery” is to fully understand what you want! Remember, this is an absolute gold star remedy if you are struggling, stuck, or not growing as fast as you would like to, and you need (or want) to understand why that’s happening to you … If I cannot nail what you want, then I may just get you depressed and you probably will not act from a state of depression. Small Business Owners must understand where they are stuck, and it must hurt — but they also must have clarity (and hope) about how to get to where they want to go. This can be revealed, and a lot more …


A transition can be something like this: 

“Okay – great … so we know where you’re at currently – can you tell me, where you’d like to be in this area within the next 12 months? Take me to 12 months from now, let’s say you’ve gotten all of these problems fixed — what does it look and feel like?” 

Then I will be quiet … and take notes … 


Further questions:

  • What is your main motivation for getting to this place?
  • What does it actually do for you (or your kids, your family, your spouse)? 
  • How would things be different if you got there?
  • Are there any other areas that would benefit from getting results in this one area? 
  • Tell me more about what you would do if this was fixed right now? 


The dichotomy at this point is strong … You have just told me what is keeping you from your goals and – more importantly – how it feels. Then you are telling me where you want to be and how amazing that would feel … So, now we switch gears with the goal of connecting you to responsibility. The perfect state for you to be in is the following:

  • I understand my business and life is not what it needs to be, and that stinks!
  • I am clear where I want to go and how I want to feel, I can do it!
  • I am responsible for where I am stuck right now, and I need to change that … 


We have gotten some crucial clarity so far, now it’s time to connect: responsibility. 


Here is how to do that: 

“Okay – thanks for this! You’re giving me amazing clarity on what you want your life/business/health to look like … a few more questions, then I have some ideas for you … so you’re currently [bad current state you don’t like] and your goal is to get to [future desired state you told me about] — tell me, what’s stopping you from getting there on your own?” I ask one of the most powerful questions in sales: what is stopping you?



Hopefully, you are seeing why it is important to take notes to these questions, and “fill in the blank” with your answers, and also just how easy (and powerful) this process can surprisingly be … I usually do not have to guess or invent things to say to get you to want something better … I am just letting you tell me exactly what you need and why you need it. 

Then, I provide the answers or solutions!