The Crux Of The Problem In Marketing Today


95% of all Small Business Owners Don’t Know About This or Understand It …


All of us alive today, with no exceptions, grew up in an era where almost all the advertising you have ever seen or heard is a product of the era of the brand-builders. Over time, we have all become conditioned as to what constitutes a good advertisement. We learned the fundamental pattern for what to put into a commercial. We learned about slogans and jingles and being funny. We learned that, in Marketing and Advertising, the outside perception no longer must reflect the inside reality. I constantly state this, and mean every word of it:


Everything you have ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong …


And because of this new breed of Advertising, jargon has now started to dominate ALL Marketing and Advertising. Think of jargon as words or phrases that are drearily commonplace and predictable … that lack power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition … and that are nevertheless stated as if they were original or significant. In Advertising, you see and hear jargon all day (and platitudes as well) …


Since businesses only have 30 seconds to try to convey what makes them special, they lump everything into jargon such as “largest selection”, “most professional”, “lowest prices”, “highest quality”, “best service”, “fastest”, “most convenient”, “largest in the state”, “more honest”, “we’re the experts”, “we specialize”, “works harder”, “gets the job done right the first time”, and “been in business for 1,000 years”.

Now listen, I am not saying that you should not be those kinds of things. Those make up the foundation you want to use to build your inside reality on. But consider this. If my Marketing says that I offer high quality and great service, isn’t that drearily commonplace and predictable? Doesn’t it lack power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition? Isn’t it nevertheless stated as though it were original and significant? Does my inside reality, what really makes me good at what I do, really shine through? Can you tell specifically what makes me valuable to the marketplace when I say, “highest quality” or “best service”?


I’m Telling You … It’s Impossible


You simply cannot describe, demonstrate, exhibit, reveal, or display your inside reality using jargon. It is impossible! And unfortunately, the result is an outside perception that you are no different than anyone else. There is absolutely no distinction, no separation, and no differentiation. You just flat-out can’t make your inside reality and outside perception match up when you use jargon like this.


The problem is that if your company has an exceptional inside reality of itself, and you are using the same jargon as everyone else, then the outside perception is that you are all the same. And that’s when prospects default to the company offering the lowest price. Price now becomes the only determining factor …


Is it evident that this might be a problem for you now, and a tremendous competitive advantage if you could figure out how to fix this for your own business? So, let me show you how to fix this. Let me explain how you can follow a very simple process that is called The Conversion Equation, and when you do, you will eliminate jargon forever. I can show you how to become a communications powerhouse, make your outside perception become an excellent reflection of your inside reality, and finally begin to get the results from your Marketing that you should be getting.


But, that is in another story!





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