The Essence of IMJustice Marketing

The Essence of
IMJustice Marketing


IMJustice Marketing is simple, effective, and affordable—I am not the most
prestigious solution,
but effective, nonetheless. The core idea of “IMJustice”
is that effective Small Business Marketing
is a strategy exploration and
implementation process, not an event composed of simple, effective,
affordable Tactical Marketing techniques. And to coin a phrase, that’s
“Justice” in how to grow
the revenue and profits of your business without
blindly throwing darts at the board …


marketing consultant expert professional business agency and strategist


When you combine that with an obsession to be on the front of technology,
what works
and doesn’t work, and what the top Business Coaches and Marketing
Experts worldwide
are having success with,  Marketing success is broken down
into certain areas of focus,
and here is what I mean:


Narrow the market focus

Create a picture of the ideal client: what they look like, how they think, what
they value, and where you can find them. Start saying no to non-ideal clients.



Strip everything you know about your product or service down to the simplest core
idea. Make sure that the core idea allows you stand out. My Audits help with this.


Think about “strategy” first

Take everything you’ve done in steps one and two and create a strategy to
own a word or two in the mind of your ideal client and prospect. As a start.


Create information that educates

You are in the information business, so think of your marketing materials, websites,
blog, ads, and Marketing kits as information products, not “sales” propaganda.


Package the experience

Put visual elements around every aspect of the Marketing strategy that you adopt.
Use design to evoke the appropriate emotional response from your ideal prospect.


Generate leads from many points

People learn in different ways. Your Lead Generation efforts must allow your
prospects to experience your firm from many different angles and views.


Nurture leads along the logical buying path

There’s a natural way for your prospects to come to the conclusion that you have
what they need. Build the lead conversion system for before, during, and after
the sale. And make it obvious that they would be a fool not to make their purchase
only with you. It starts with proper Marketing, and that is usually the “sales funnel”.


Measure everything that matters

Certain things always matter. The secret sauce is in finding and measuring the
intangibles – those things down on the shop floor that eventually add up to profit.
If you as an Owner don’t keep an eye on these things or maintain them,
hire someone to.


Automate for leverage

Embrace the Internet or else. Create access, stimulate community, capture innovation,
and build knowledge to automate the basic delivery elements of your information
business. Be captivating, be unique, and be more memorable than the others.



Resist the temptation of the Marketing idea of the week. Create daily, weekly,
monthly, and annual marketing calendars, make Marketing your new habit, and
find the money to stick with the plan. Also, stick with the Marketing Consultant that
is partnering with you, and has skin in the game as well, for all to achieve success.


And last but not least, make sure your
Marketing follows the Conversion Equation …

If you don’t understand this, or don’t know it, make sure you find someone who does.
Your entire business and life rides on this very crucial and critical information.



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