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IMJustice Marketing is simple, effective, and affordable … I am not the most prestigious solution, but effective, nonetheless … The core idea of “IMJustice” is that effective Small Business Marketing is a strategy exploration and implementation process, not an event composed of simple, effective, and affordable Tactical Marketing techniques. And to coin a phrase, that’s “Justice” in how to grow the revenue and profits of your business without blindly throwing darts at the board … OR, listening to the next Salesperson touting the best “shiny object” in Marketing to bring you vast riches …


When you combine Strategic Marketing with an obsession to be on the front of technology, what works and does not work, and what the top Business Coaches and Marketing Experts worldwide are having success with, Marketing success is broken down into certain areas of focus, and here is what I mean:


1 … Narrow the market focus. Create a picture of the ideal or target client: what they look like, how they think, what they value, and where you can find them. Start saying no to non-ideal clients. (Understand them demographically and psychographically) …

2 … Differentiate. Strip everything you know about your product or service down to the simplest core idea. Make sure that the core idea allows you stand out. My Audits help with this. And when we talk “strategy”, this falls into that category.

3 … Think about “strategy” first. Take everything you have done in steps one and two and create a strategy to own a word or two, a phrase, or a great Elevator Pitch, in the mind of your ideal or target client and prospect. As a start.

4 … Create information that educates. You are in the information business, so think of your Marketing materials, web sites, blog, ads, and Marketing kits as information products, not “sales” propaganda. You are ineffective at making offers, if you haven’t built your expertise and authority.

5 … Package the experience. Put visual elements around every aspect of the Marketing strategy that you adopt. Use design to evoke the appropriate emotional response from your ideal or target prospect or audience. Or of course, invest in someone that can do that the right way.

6 … Generate leads from many points. People learn in different ways. Your Lead Generation efforts must allow your prospects to experience your firm from many different angles and views. This is a lengthy conversation. There are strategies, and there exists superior software that can generate more leads than your business can handle. IF you know them! Check This Out!

7 … Nurture leads along the logical buying path. There is a natural way for your prospects to come to the conclusion that you have what they need. Build the lead conversion system for before, during, and after the sale. And make it obvious that they would be a fool not to make their purchase only with you. It starts with proper “messaging”, Marketing, “Sales Funnels”, and understanding the “Buyer’s Journey” …

8 … Measure everything that matters. Certain things always matter. The secret sauce is in finding and measuring the intangibles – those things down on the shop floor that eventually add up to profit. If you as an Owner do not keep an eye on these things or maintain them, hire someone to.

9 … Automate for leverage. Embrace the Internet or else. Create access, stimulate community, capture innovation, and build knowledge to automate the basic delivery elements of your “information” business. Be captivating, be unique, and be more memorable than the others. And do that in a massive way! Check This Gem Out!

10 … Commit. Resist the temptation of the Marketing idea of the week. Create daily, weekly, monthly, and annual Marketing calendars, make Marketing your new habit, and find the money to stick with the plan. Also, stick with the Marketing Consultant that is partnering with you, and has skin in the game as well, for all to achieve success.



And finally, make sure your Marketing follows the “Conversion Equation” in coordination with the 5 Steps To Profits … If you don’t understand this, or don’t know it, make sure you find out, or ask. Your entire business and life rides on this very crucial and critical information. The Conversion Equation is almost always messed up or ignored by the large corporations, that operate with million-dollar Marketing budgets. They understand that if the consumer saw the same stupid commercials or ads a million times, they would wind up buying what they offer. THAT does not work for the Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, or Professional …



But the Small Business Owner will throw money and potential business out the window, unless the proper steps are implemented in modern Digital Content Marketing. What usually happens, is they try different methods of Marketing, blame the “mediums” they use, or a Marketing Professional, and they are never the wiser. And never really impressed.

Your Marketing should focus on one thing and one thing only – it’s target audience … The channels and mediums will always change, but the consumers psychology will stay the same … You should want your ideal or target customers to effortlessly and systematically find your message, get activated by it and engage with it … It allows you to educate them and get them to know, like and trust you BEFORE they enter the marketplace … this removes your competition … Once built, this “client generation machine” can be fed clients from multiple sources … 24/7/365 and rely on it to convert prospects into paying customers …



IMJustice Marketing strategies and tactics



A Message To YOU, from IMJustice Marketing


As a Small Business Owner, are you happy with the results you are getting from your current Marketing efforts? Is your company website generating leads and closing sales for your business? Are you spending your precious Marketing dollars … yet seeing little to no results whatsoever? Are you starving for more relevant content?

If so, you are not alone! So why is this happening? I am here to tell you that everything you have ever heard … everything you have ever learned … and everything you have ever been taught about Marketing your business … is WRONG! … ALL wrong!

Suppose you invest more than $10,000 developing your Marketing and designing your website in hopes that your prospects will see your message … go to your website … and buy your product or service. You launch your Marketing with great hope and anticipation … only to experience over the next several months that your Marketing results in just 15 inquiries … and 3 sales that produce $1900 in total revenue. That is a net loss of $8,100 you will never get back … not to mention all the time, effort, and energy you just wasted? But let me ask you this.

What if … just by changing what your Marketing says … instead of getting 15 inquiries resulting in only 3 sales … you could generate 100 inquiries that resulted in 30 sales … and each sale was worth an average of $2500? So, instead of losing $8,100 … you just pocketed a cool $74,000 (That is with 30 sales) … That is a 7,500% return on your Marketing dollars (considering the cost). That is what I call getting more results … and making more money … for the same time, near the same investment … and the same effort spent …

Sound farfetched? Not at all. These are the results I have helped clients generate. Business Owners today simply do not understand the tremendous untapped potential that lies within their Marketing. Most businesses today are spending some money on Marketing and Advertising … and then they decide that whatever results they get from that Marketing is probably about as good as it is going to get. They never imagine that results like this example where my client got 100 inquiries instead of 15 … and 30 sales instead of 3 … is even remotely possible.


IMJustice Marketing Is here to tell you — nothing could be further from the truth!


But do not take my word for this. I can prove it to you. Ask me anything you would like, entertain investing in me to grow YOUR business … I teach the fundamental formulas and strategies that will not only make your Marketing work better, but will position your business as the dominant force in your market … Learn this information, and you will gain a significant advantage over your competitors the moment you implement it. Or have me do that with you, or for you …

The information I teach is truly a breakthrough in Marketing and Advertising, yet it’s simple and relatively easy to understand. And best of all … it works … Worldwide! Regardless of what business or industry you are in …

I look forward to possibly getting to know you, starting a conversation or dialogue with you, or even better than that, growing your business better than you ever thought it could! And if investing in a Business Coach or Marketing Consultant is not in the cards, I not only offer very affordable and yet powerful Software Deals, but all of the same business and life transforming strategies and tactics are in my “Packages” for a modest monthly subscription, that doesn’t last forever … Find that information on my “Services” page here.



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