The Buyer’s Journey


Here is the real key to success in Marketing …


The Buyers Journey … And The Conversion Equation

There’s an old saying that goes like this … “if you want to know why Jane Doe buys what Jane Doe buys, you’ve got to see the world through Jane Doe’s eyes” …

The right offer allows you to capture a large percentage of all future buyers in addition to those looking to buy right now. There is an educational process that the prospect goes through, from the moment they begin thinking about buying your product or service, to the point where they complete the purchase. Most Marketing only caters to those now-buyers who’ll be making a purchase decision in the very near future, and does nothing, or very little, to educate those who are just thinking about it right now, but who might buy later …


Here is the problem with that …


At any given moment, the number of prospects who are ready to buy right now represent no more than 1-5% of all those who are ultimately going to buy what you sell. You have got 95-99% of your prospects who are in the thinking-about-it and gathering-information mode, but when they are attempting to gather information, you do not give it to them! This is where the fourth component of the conversion equation becomes absolutely huge.

Your offer gives you the opportunity to provide additional, educational information to the gathering-information mode prospects and, in the process, capture valuable information about who these people are, so that you can proactively market to them on an ongoing basis. This allows you to take total control of your target market …


I explain this with my Conversion Equation


Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer

The first component of the conversion equation is called Interrupt. This is simply the process of getting qualified prospects to pay attention to your Marketing. This is often accomplished by affecting the prospect emotionally …

The second component is Engage. Once the prospect is interrupted, it is critical to give the reader the promise that information is forthcoming that will help the prospect make the best decision possible or, in other words, facilitate their decision-making process …

The third component is Educate. Once you have interrupted and engaged the prospect, you must give them information that allows them to logically understand how and why you solved that emotional problem. This is accomplished by giving detailed, quantifiable, specific, inside-reality-revealing information. This turns the corner from an emotional sell. Remember, you interrupted and engaged them based on emotional hot buttons … to a logical sell. This is easy to do if you just follow this conversion equation …

And the fourth and final component of the conversion equation is The Offer. Now the prospect has been interrupted based on problems that are important to them emotionally, engaged by the promise of a solution to that emotional problem, and they’ve examined the educational information that makes your solution to that emotional problem real and believable …


Let me explain this in another clear way

This may be the single, most important visual and explanation you need as a Business Owner to dominate your market. When you understand this, you will position yourself LIGHT YEARS ahead of your competition! This is the Buyer’s Journey, and it is a representation of your prospect’s decision-making process. This is the way most prospects decide whether they will buy what you sell.

They typically start by analyzing the benefits the product or service their considering for purchase will provide to them (make money, gain pleasure, provide security, boost my ego, help me look better). Then after they analyze the benefits, they begin to encounter specific objections as to why they should not buy that product or service (too expensive, not convenient, too much hassle, not applicable).

If they make it through the benefit and objection sections, that is when they finally reach the Now-Buyer section. This is where they have decided they will definitely buy the product or service, and now they need to decide WHO to buy it from (there are usually multiple competitors all vying for the exact same prospects).


But here is the key … understand what 99% of all prospects are really searching for – INFORMATION! Information is actually referring to “evidence”… the prospect is looking for evidence or proof that you truly offer them the best deal (aka-the most value for the money they will pay you).

I refer to this as “Strategic Marketing”, and if you learn how to execute a Strategic Marketing campaign, you will see anywhere from a doubling, to a ten, to a fifty-fold increase in your leads and sales. Look again at the Buyer’s Journey … the first thing you MUST offer your prospects is evidence relating to the benefits of what you sell. Unfortunately, most businesses only offer their prospects “features”, such as car ads that tout 6-speed automatic with overdrive, all wheel drive, fully independent suspension, 3.6l v-6 vvt sidi engine, and on and on …


There is an old saying you need to remember …
“features tell – benefits sell”!


Once you offer your prospects evidence regarding the benefits your product or service provides, you must next offer them evidence that will overcome their objections. This is easiest to do in a Q & A section of a guide or report.

And finally, your prospect will need evidence that YOU are the business they should buy the product or service from. ALL this information is required today for any business to dominate their market and win over the lion’s share of prospects in any industry. And yet, 99% of businesses do not offer any form of information at all – just their phone number (or a FREE Consultation, or “Call Now”!), which attracts NOW buyers only.


But wait … what happens when your Marketing convinces the prospect to buy the product or service, and they begin to “shop” for the Business to buy it from? That’s when you need additional evidence that highlights the benefits of buying from YOUR business versus anyone else in your industry. Trust me when I tell you … Your competition will not stand a chance of competing against you when this is implemented correctly … This is how I help clients totally and completely dominate their markets. This is also one of the ways I find businesses $10,000 to as much as $100,000 in less than 60 minutes …


NO ONE is doing this, and the first business that does … WINS!


When you understand these principle’s, and you either know how to Market effectively yourself, or you hire someone that knows, you will begin to dominate your area of expertise, and have more leads than your business can possibly handle …






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