The Mover’s Case and The Conversion Equation



Discussing the Fundamentals of Marketing … And, The Conversion Equation …

Have something good to say

Say it well

Say it often


If you have ANY doubts whatsoever that these fundamentals work, let me provide you with a real life case study involving a client.


Obviously, these fundamentals are at their most powerful when used together. But each one individually carries its own weight as well. Let me show you the tremendous power your business can experience when you simply “say it well.”


I constantly talk about the Conversion Equation … Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer … Think about all the print ads you see these days. Most of them follow this format … the name of the business appears at the very top, followed by a “menu” of products or services the business offers, and then ends with either a phone number or a discount offer. 95% of Marketing follows this exact same pattern… and 95% of all Marketing fails to produce any meaningful results.


Look at YOUR Marketing and YOUR website – does it follow this format? (If so, PLEASE contact me ASAP – you’re losing a LOT of money every day you continue to use it).


This style of advertising is basically “Branding 101,” and branding will NEVER work for Small Businesses. Big Businesses can get away with it because they have budgets that run in the millions of dollars every year. Run enough ads over and over and no matter how insipid or lame the ad is, you will eventually pound it into the prospects head.


Have you ever asked someone to pass you a facial tissue … or did you ask them to hand you a Kleenex? Do you ever say, “let’s go get a soda” … or do you say, “let’s go get a Coke?” Kleenex and Coke are brand names that millions of dollars have been spent over the years searing those names into our conscious thoughts.


Conversion Equation



Unfortunately, Small Business Owners don’t have those big budgets, and yet they continue to attempt to emulate the big guys simply because they believe “that must be how it’s done. After all, the big guys do it and they make millions!” Well, they do make millions, and they spend millions doing it. Believe it or not, marketing is NOT an art … it’s a SCIENCE! And just like most things in science, there’s an equation that guides its success. It’s called the Conversion Equation – Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.


This client owned a moving company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. Their primary form of advertising was the Yellow Pages. As expected, their ad had their company name at the top, then a list of their services (as if we don’t already know what a moving company does) … and then their phone number at the bottom. From this ad, they were only generating 70 leads per month … had a meager 16% conversion rate which translated into just 11 sales per month. They were literally 30 days away from bankruptcy!


After I explained the Conversion Equation to them, and they applied the Conversion Equation to their ad, their leads skyrocketed to 955 per month. Their conversion rate exploded to 68%, producing 650 sales per month. This moving company couldn’t come close to handling that increased volume of sales and ended up contacting and hiring four of their local competitors to help them handle the volume.


Those four competitors bought out this moving company nine months later for over $2 million. All of this was the result of that moving company redesigning their Yellow Page ad to follow the Conversion Equation.


That’s why I always stress over and over that everything you have ever learned … everything you have ever been taught … and everything you have ever been told about Marketing is WRONG!


To Your Success!


Dave Smith


P.S. I would be happy to go over the Conversion Equation with you any time …

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