6 Crucial Questions For Small Business Owners

Business Owners, Professionals & Entrepreneurs
Should Ask Themselves These Important Questions


What value am I delivering with my product or service?
A primary fundamental to growing your business

Are you bringing your valuable products or services to your customers
or are they able to come to you, or visit with you Digitally


Is there a better or different way to deliver the value
of your product or service?
Another fundamental to growing your business

Have you explored all of the many ways to have viewers, or shoppers,
or those who “search” on the internet, find you and what you offer …
Do you have clever ways to display or reveal your “menu” of products
or services … Do you make it clear and easy for anyone to see them …


Have you ever adjusted the way you speak or present
what you offer to your ideal or target audience?
Another fundamental to growing your business

Are you constantly selling and not building relationships …
Do you educate your audience, inform them of changes or updates,
or even new changes or details that are powerful to have you looked
at as the Authority in your niche or industry … How do you separate
yourself from the other choices in your specific marketplace or location …
Have you considered different methods to showcase your expertise …


Is there an idea, strategy or tactic you want to try?

Certain Paid Ads, maybe the Paid Ads you haven’t heard of yet, Google My Business,
More Social Media sites, Landing pages, a Sales Funnel, an Ebook showcasing your
knowledge, Press Release Marketing, Using your Database to grow profits, and
I could go on for days … Tons of Strategies and Tactics … Tested and Proven!


What other services can you provide to increase revenue?

Memberships, Shipping, Something else need that relates to what you offer,
Delivery, Website “Pop-ups”, The services of a Joint Venture Partner, and more …


What Networking Groups could you join to find a
Mentor, Coach, or colleagues to brainstorm ideas with?
A modern fundamental to growing your business

Ideas can always or often be sparked from interacting with others who have
different points of view or experiences …



These questions and answers are about the
fundamentals of growing your business …

Establishing a Specific Market Dominating Position
Identifying your target or ideal client or customer
Mapping out their decision-making process
Composing a Compelling Message
Creating a successful Sales Process
Deploying Strategic Marketing collateral instead of Tactical Marketing



And, as always, if there is

anything I can do to help with the

Fundamentals to Growing Your

Business, just ask!


Please share! And we await your comments and questions
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