Create Positioning With Your Brevard County Business


Another great way of getting people to talk about your business in Brevard County Florida, is to CREATE and then promote your positioning.

Potential clients have proven to respond favorably, with their checkbooks, to this.

Volvo is the safest car in the world.
Coke is the real thing.
Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth.
BMW is the ultimate driving machine.
Amazon is the world’s most customer-centric company.
Zappos delivers happiness.
Asahi is Japans No. 1 brand.


Quality is critical but brands are built more on the perception that they create more than the actual quality.

In blind test tastes, Pepsi smoked Coke. It wasn’t even close. People didn’t care and still bought Coke …

Many other similar examples exist like Toyota VS almost any other premium car. In other words, there’s no correlation between completed tests in the marketplace and the success of competing brands. Quality is in the mind of the buyer. If you want to build a powerful brand … you need to create a perception of quality in the mind of ideal clients.


I can almost guarantee there’s no one in your city that is create positioning, and has claimed “Melbourne’s Number One ________” … And no one has claimed “the number one” spot in your __________ niche either …


Brevard County’s #1 … Plumber
Melbourne’s #1 … Chiropractor
Palm Bay’s #1 … Dry Cleaner


Are you willing to do it?

BTW, I write the country’s greatest emails for Business Owners.

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