Your Brevard County Florida Business … And Your Elevator Pitch

If you don’t believe an effective and powerful Elevator Pitch gives you an immediate competitive advantage over your competition, just ask ANY Small Business Owner what they do, and you will get a look from them like a deer caught in headlights.

They may say something like “well, I’m an Attorney” or “I’m a Plumber.” That is not what they DO, that is what they ARE. What you DO is based on the benefits you provide, not on the product or service you offer.

An Attorney is a legal specialist who helps Small Business Owners maximize their legal loopholes to increase their revenue while lowering their costs. A Florist does not SELL flowers, they are romance specialists helping men and women express their true love in their relationships.

Show me just ONE business you know of right now that has even a basic Elevator Pitch, much less a four-part one that compels prospects to beg you to sell them your product or service. And by the way, that opens the door nice and wide for you and your business to walk through and promptly position your business for Market Domination.

That is why once you do nail this, you want to immediately integrate your four-part Elevator Pitch into all your Marketing collateral. This core message becomes a beacon for your business. It attracts customers to you in droves. It drives your profits through the roof, and it creates a unifying message that gets your entire staff on the same page.

It reduces disputes and mismanagement of projects within your business by providing a specific focus. It brings huge success to areas that used to be difficult, especially your Marketing. It is literally the most powerful tool you can create for your business.

Once developed, your four-part Elevator Pitch becomes your core message, your new “mantra” so to speak. It becomes your “war cry” that you position in EVERY form of communication you use. It becomes the central theme throughout all your Lead Generation and Lead Conversion materials.

That is why you may need to spend hours, days, weeks, perhaps even months developing, tweaking, and refining it. And you will continue to do so forever. There will ALWAYS be a new and better way to get your message out to your target customer, and you need to ALWAYS look for that new and better way, for as long as you are in business.

And when conditions change within your industry, as they so frequently do, you should continue to add new innovations that keep you far ahead of your competition. And every time you innovate, you want to revisit your Elevator Pitch.

Remember, its core focus is on your innovations. That is what you are Educating your prospects on. Hopefully, I am convincing you that it is worth all the time and effort you will put into it. And once you nail it, use it well, use it often, and use it everywhere you go.


To Your Success!



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