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5 Excuses Local Business Owners In Brevard County Florida Use To Avoid The Internet

Internet Shy? 5 Excuses Local Business Owners Use to Avoid the Internet          People often think they need to be a technical juggernaut to use the internet and nothing could be further from the truth. People everywhere are using the internet – kids under 10, teenagers, students, stay-at-home moms, retired persons, and even grannies. So much […]

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The Essence of IMJustice Marketing

The Essence of IMJustice Marketing   IMJustice Marketing is simple, effective, and affordable—I am not the most prestigious solution, but effective, nonetheless. The core idea of “IMJustice” is that effective Small Business Marketing is a strategy exploration and implementation process, not an event composed of simple, effective, and affordable Tactical Marketing techniques. And to coin a phrase, that’s “Justice” in […]

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10 Reasons Why They Don’t Buy From You in Brevard County Florida

No matter how great a product, service, category or industry seems, there is always room for innovation that can drive more sales.   Often, we create barriers to purchase things simply because we don’t understand they exist as they aren’t insurmountable, and just annoying. Or, we leave industry-accepted barriers in place because that’s just the way everyone does it.   […]

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