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It can be difficult to determine the best type of content to create for each of the Buyer’s Journey stages. Or at least, it was …

Business Coaches help you decide on the best types of content to create for the Buyer’s Journey stages and how to use each most effectively to nurture buyers toward a sale.

Each time you create a piece of content to ensure you’re making the best decision to suit the wants and needs of your ideal buyer, your business will reap the rewards of that …



What Is the Buyer’s Journey?

Just so we’re all on the same page, let’s run through a quick definition of what the Buyer’s Journey is and what the Buyer’s Journey stages look like.

Simply put, the Buyer’s Journey is the combination of steps a prospect or lead goes through before becoming a paying customer. Technically, the stages extend beyond the purchase and into post-purchase and repurchase.


The three main stages of the Buyers Journey are

• Awareness
• Consideration
• Decision


In the awareness stage, your prospect is just becoming aware of the fact that they have a problem or need. They know little about the possible ways to meet that need or solve that problem. They are in an information-gathering state and unready to make any decisions as to what they’ll purchase and from whom.


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The consideration stage is about defining options. This is not the stage where they decide which option is best for them. Instead, they’re putting all their options out on the table so that they might make the best decision possible. In this stage, prospects are not yet ready to buy. They still need help deciding on how to best resolve their issue. They are more qualified than those in the awareness stage, but many sales teams choose not to invest resources into making contact with consideration-stage buyers … (a mistake) …

As you may have already deciphered, when people enter the decision stage, they are ready to buy. They have determined their options in the consideration stage, and they are looking for information on why they should choose your brand.

This is where you finally get to tout the benefits of your product or service with gusto. The mistake that so many brands make is that they spend all their time putting decision-stage ads and web pages in front of people that aren’t yet ready to see them.



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