Marketing and Advertising Challenges


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is taught, learned, and sold all wrong … The right information, at the right time,
and in the right order can transform a business and a life … My focus here is on
the “challenges” of Marketing your business …


Of course, there are MANY challenges in Marketing, Advertising,
and growing a business …
But here, and in this video, I’m just going
to touch on a few points … I’ll start with The Confidence Gap …


What the Buyer experiences today is what I call “The Confidence Gap”,
when they are searching to buy what they want … The inability of a Buyer
to determine whether any of the businesses, or any of the products, or any
of the services are any better, any different, or any worse than any of the
others … is of course a very big issue and challenge …

BOTH to the Buyer, and also to the Business Owner …



Strong Marketing bridges the Confidence Gap … The “Seller” must
be concise and well-articulated, the messaging must be powerfully stated,
there should be low to no pressure, the communication should be above
average, and the Seller shouldn’t be afraid of rejection …

The “Buyer” should be in a position to be non-obtrusive, they should be
able to review at their own pace, they should be able to review when it’s
convenient to them, they should be able to ignore the product or service
if not interested, and they shouldn’t be forced to make a commitment …


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We have to be sensational and attention-commanding but we have to do
it in a way that establishes relevance and credible authority, and creates
proactive interest in our info, our goods, and our services …

And this leads me to mention “copy” last … Most great sales copy is written
backwards, from the customers interests, desires, frustrations, fears, thoughts,
feelings, and experiences, and journeying to a revealing solution …


Most ineffective copy starts instead with the company,
the products or services, and their features, benefits,
comparative superiority, and price … You heard it here first!





Dave Smith
Business Coach & Marketing Strategist

IMJustice Marketing



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