Marketing and Advertising Uncertainties


The YouTube Video Link   …  (321) 622-5756 … The Fundamentals of
growing any Business are often overlooked or just not discussed.
Business Coaches do this, and it alleviates many of the uncertainties
when Marketing, Advertising, and growing your business …





For any Business Owner to become successful today, they must provide
their prospects with an experience focused on seven very basic fundamentals.
Fail to do this and you will never build the business of your dreams.

It is critical that you commit these to memory and remember them for the rest
of your life as a Business Owner. They are based on fundamental human nature
and will be as applicable 500 years from now as they were 500 years ago.


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Prospects love to buy, but they hate to be sold to. When you know and
understand exactly what they want, and then you innovate your business
to give them what they want, you make your business the obvious choice
for them to buy from. They want to buy what you sell, and don’t need to
be sold on anything. Your job as the Business Owner is to make sure your
business offers them exactly what they want, and that means positioning
yourself in a niche market, and then innovating your business to give that
niche exactly what they’re looking for.


Everyone wants the “Best Deal”

Always Market to the negative

Prospects buy based on emotion

Make your business “Unique”

Create “Extraordinary Value”

Be able to communicate your
uniqueness and extraordinary value

Prospects buy what they WANT,
NOT what they NEED



As Always, Here’s To Your Success!




Dave Smith
Business Coach & Marketing Strategist

IMJustice Marketing




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