My Pricing … A few thoughts

Business Coaching comes FIRST, because IT HAS TO BE first … When finished,
the Tactical Marketing approach can be decided on … Most do this backwards!
Or, they do not consider Strategic Marketing at all … It is NOT familiar to them …

We discuss things, get to know each other better, and agree on a strategy …
There are many strategies that grow a business … And, the cost has to make sense …
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Pricing Our Services



FREE Subscription

NO COST for 61 value-packed emails in all,
delivered once per week to your inbox …

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Business Coaching

I have charged between $97, and as much as $1997 per month …
As an intangible service, it all depends … It’s not a “canned” service …


Three key factors help in the pricing …
Average dollar amount per sale, or per transaction,
Lifetime Value of one customer or client (also for 1 year)
and what you would actually like for me to do for you …


Empowering Your Business for Success

Welcome to IMJustice Marketing, where I specialize in Business Coaching that empowers
your business for lasting success. My expertise lies in Strategic Marketing and Crafting
Winning Marketing Strategies. I understand that every business is unique, and that’s why
I offer tailored solutions that help you unlock your business’s full potential …

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Business

At IMJustice Marketing, I know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach in Business Coaching.
Your business has distinct challenges and opportunities, which is why I provide personalized
strategies to meet your unique needs. I focus on crafting strategies that align with your
business growth and Marketing (or Advertising) Objectives …


Value-Centric Approach to Business Coaching

In the realm of Business Coaching, I emphasize value over price. My priority is to help you
achieve your business goals, whether it’s achieving more quality or qualified Leads, to
improve Conversions, growing the amount of Transactions from each customer or client,
raising Prices without losing customers or clients, or exponentially growing your Profits


Real Success Stories in Strategic Marketing

My portfolio showcases something for any and all budgets. I also reveal some FAQs and Case
Studies here on my website. Thousands upon thousands of businesses have flourished under
Strategic Marketing guidance. As to the effectiveness of my approach, everything I discuss and
show is tested and proven around the world, and in most any industry or niche. Those who
implement Marketing Strategy have seen remarkable results in their overall business growth.


Unleash Your Potential with Strategic Marketing

Imagine a future where your business realizes its full potential. My Business Coaching is your
transformative journey, turning your business challenges into opportunities and potential into reality.
I am committed to guiding you toward this Marketing excellence, and you will not be disappointed.
Also, you will never look at Marketing or Advertising your business the same way ever again …


Achieve a Strong Return on Investment (ROI)

My current and past clients understand, or understood, that investing in my Business Coaching,
centered on Strategic Marketing and Marketing Strategy, can translate into significant returns.
While specific numbers aren’t listed on this page, the ROI is substantial and extends beyond the
bottom line. The key is, to deploy Strategic Marketing collateral instead of Tactical Marketing!
AND, as in any “science”, there exist Marketing equations and formulas, that help you succeed.


Schedule a Conversation Today

Ready to explore how Strategic Marketing and Marketing Strategy can enhance your business?
Let’s initiate the conversation. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and discover how I
can tailor my services to your unique business needs, and make sure you have a much better
opportunity to build the business you have always dreamed of having.


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Elevate Your Business with IMJustice Marketing

Elevate your business to new heights with Business Coaching focused on Strategic Marketing
and Marketing Strategy. At IMJustice Marketing, I’m here to help you succeed and thrive.
And to help you unlock the full potential that lies within your business. Why Wait!


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And here is a real transparency treat for you …
Check out these real scenarios by the numbers …
Take your time, and envision your own business doing them …

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Strategy Sessions
$1 for an hour, and an answer or solution to your question or
uncertainty, $500, for as long as it takes, with a complete and
thorough (Zoom-type) meeting, that goes along with the necessary
form needed to be filled out …

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Business Plans
Niche Specific $750, Strategic $1000, Ultimate Marketing $1000 …

  There is an “add-on” called “By The Numbers”,
and if purchased
with a Business Plan, the total is $1500 …
EVERY Business should have one! … Start-up or not!

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The Packages
$97, $197, $297, and $397 per month

Delivered around every 10 days, and lasts about 1 1/2 years …
All tested and proven world-class strategies right to your inbox!
Designed specifically to provide the same powerful information
but without paying the known high costs of a Business Coach
or Marketing Strategist …

Get all the goods to use however and whenever you want!
(Great for the do-it-yourselfer, or those who
already have someone doing their Marketing)

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Reveal the financial potential that lies within your business …
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As Seen On The “Services” Page

$97 per month

Bronze Package   …   $197 per month

Silver Package    ...    $297 per month

Silver Plus Package    ...    $397 per month



… Always remember …
STRATEGY comes first!




AND, “My DEALS” Page here on this website
It’s one of the tabs under “Breakthrough Strategies”



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