Why Strategic Marketing
is Most Important


Strategic Marketing: The Pinnacle of Business Triumph

Strategic Marketing is the pivotal force that propels organizations to unparalleled heights of
success. It’s not merely a facet of operations; it’s the very essence that defines a brand’s journey.

Strategic Marketing empowers businesses to transcend the noise and captivate the hearts of their
ideal audience. It’s the art of understanding not just what you offer, but also the profound wants,
needs and desires of those you aim to serve. In this realm, precision is paramount—every move,
every message, a carefully calculated step toward resonance.

Beyond resource optimization and competitive edge, Strategic Marketing is the architect of
enduring connections. It’s the conduit through which brands forge relationships that extend
beyond transactions, fostering a community of advocates. It’s about creating your influential
imprint, ensuring that your brand becomes the undeniable choice amidst a sea of options.

In the big picture of business strategy, Strategic Marketing is the golden thread. It weaves a
narrative of adaptability, foresight, and long-term vision, ensuring that every effort contributes
not just to immediate gains, but to the sustained growth and prominence of a brand. In essence,
Strategic Marketing isn’t a choice; it’s the compass guiding businesses toward a future defined by
triumph and enduring success.



Sun Tzu recognized Strategy vs Tactics:

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory …
Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat …” 


Strategic Marketing: The Pinnacle of Business Triumph



Strategy Comes First

What Makes Strategic Marketing So Important


Strategic Marketing is the way a business effectively differentiates itself from its
competitors by capitalizing on its strengths (both current and potential) to provide
consistently better value to customers than anyone else. In principle it’s that simple,
but it means a lot more than getting creative with just a Tactical Marketing mix.

Armed with a thorough understanding of the firm’s capabilities and aspirations,
the customer market and competitive landscape, the Goal of Strategic Marketing
(and of the Strategic message) is to maximize a firm’s positive differentiation

over competitors in the eyes of its target market. It does this by answering these
3 questions
; where, how and when should the business compete.



Most Businesses use Tactical Marketing
Instead of Strategic Marketing



Running an ad in the local newspaper … sending out an email or direct mail letter …
airing a radio or TV ad on a
local media station are all examples of Tactical Marketing …
Don’t get me wrong … the newspaper,
radio or direct mail can be successful Marketing
channels … IF your Marketing message is powerful and
compelling … But that’s the
problem … the messaging is the Strategic Marketing … and yet, the
most neglected …

This distinction between Strategic and Tactical Marketing is huge and one you need to be
acutely aware of
anytime you start talking about generating more leads … Many businesses
mistakenly assume that when you talk
about Lead Generation, you’re automatically talking
about Tactical Lead Generation … placing ads, sending
out mailers, joining a networking
group, attending trade-shows, implementing a prospect follow up system and
so on …

They fail to realize that the Strategic side of the coin, what you say in your Marketing and
how you say it is
almost always more important than the Marketing medium where you
say it … If you fail to make this distinction,
then you risk becoming jaded towards certain
forms of Marketing and Advertising that should be a part of your
Tactical plan, but you
eliminate them from consideration because they haven’t worked for you in the past …

When Lead Generation results are less than optimal, Small Businesses tend to blame
the Marketing
medium … like the newspaper, or the Social Media platform, or even the
Salesperson … They blame the “tactical” part of the
plan … without any regard for how
good or bad the Strategic Marketing is or was. Business
Owners often say things like,
“we tried radio and it doesn’t work for our kind of business”, or “we sent out 50,000
of direct mail and generated 3 orders … It just doesn’t work” …  Just because
it didn’t work, don’t assume it
won’t work … The “strategy” is missing or wrong …


Most Business Owners don’t have the evaluation skills,
or the know-how to “judge” whether poor Marketing
results from poor Strategy or Tactical execution …


This is where Strategy Marketing and a Road-Map can generate more
leads than your business can handle …
For example, most businesses
rely heavily on platitudes in their Marketing … They say things like …

“We have the lowest prices the best service”
“We’re family owned and operated”
“We offer convenient hours”

and “the best value”

Look at your own Marketing …
How many platitudes did you use in YOUR Marketing?


By The Way,

This Is NOT Your Fault!


Most, if not all Small Business Owners have been conditioned to think this is
the proper way to Market
their businesses … since most advertising follows this
same pathetic Marketing formula … including the
Fortune 500 types … As human
beings, we’re all after just one thing when we buy something … the best deal!

when you use platitudes and jargon throughout your Marketing, there’s absolutely
no way to tell who
is actually offering the best deal … Everyone says they have the
lowest prices, the highest quality and the
best rates … So, who do you believe?
There’s only one way to know … and that’s to research every single
business that
offers what you want to buy … How many of us have the time or patience for that?
So, most
of us automatically assume that everyone is pretty much the same, and
therefore we default to
calling on the business that offers us the lowest price …



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