Why SHOULD Any Business Owner or Entrepreneur Consider a Business Coach

What I Strive for Daily as a Lead Generation &
Marketing Strategist, Business Coach & Author


If you’ve ever considered hiring a Business Coach but stopped because you weren’t sure you
needed to, or even believe in one – you’re not alone. One of the biggest factors that prevents
Business Owners from engaging in Coaching or Advisory work is their fear of the “unknown”
that comes with it. When you hire a Marketing Consultant to do a specific Tactical Marketing
method, there is a certain amount of comfort in that, because it is focused primarily on one
A Business Coach or Advisor does not approach a business with “blinders” on. In fact,
it is beneficial for a Coach or Advisor to be well-informed of as many revenue and
profit generating “strategies” as possible. When this sinks in to the Business Owner,
they have a renewed enthusiasm with the future of their business and their life. After all,
growing revenue is where it’s at. NOT the latest Marketing or Advertising “shiny” object.


Using a Business Coach for success


Why SHOULD any Business Owner or
Entrepreneur, Consider a Business Coach?


Do You Have the Time to Do It Yourself?

It would be impossible to be your own Coach or Advisor without having the time and
skills to balance a full-time business (unless you are already retired) and an advisory
role. Successful Coaches are diligent about their work, especially their monthly recurring
income, which they would love to keep receiving.


Have In-Depth Expertise on Many
Topics that Grow a Business

The knowledge and experiences that Business Coaches possess are extremely valuable to
companies who need to fill gaps within their organization. Or, just make the ship move better
and faster. If you have a expertise or skills that relate to a company’s needs, you become a
critical asset in helping them overcome challenges or take on new opportunities.


Their Willingness to Share Advice and Knowledge

It’s one thing to be knowledgeable on a topic, but it’s another to want to share that
expertise with others. Willingness to share advice is one of the most important aspects
of being a Coach or Advisor. If you’re open to learning what you may not know, and
these tips, strategies and ideas are what just grow your business better than you have
ever imagined it could, then, what are you waiting for?


Demonstrates Effective Communication Skills

Being able to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a way that others can understand is
extremely important. If the advice of anyone in Marketing doesn’t use the same terminology
as a Business Owner, who is skillful in their OWN business, they should have the ability to
break it down in a way that resonates with them. There are also times when Coaches have
to be the voice of reason or disagree with an Owner for the betterment of that company,
and in doing so they need to be straightforward and realistic with their reasonings. A good
Coach or Advisor provides constructive feedback in a way that encourages change or
progress. And with a different angle, the communication between the business and their
ideal or target customer or client, is something that most Business owners just don’t know
how to do in the most effective ways. Again, the Owner may be skilled at what they do,
but the Business Coach is skilled at what THEY do.


Effectively Sets and Achieves Goals

A major component of being a Business Coach is helping a business or leadership team
reach a specific goal or goals. Business Owners have a lot on their plates, which can
sometimes derail them from focusing on an objective they set at an earlier point. A good
Coach or Advisor steers the Owner back on track to make sure they achieve their goals.
In doing so, they are fair and objective, as well as able to address challenges head-on to
grow the business better than ever.


Has a Positive Attitude and
Can Be a Positive Role Model

Business Coaches have the unique opportunity to help shape the success of another company,
and as a result, they also have a unique relationship with the Business Owner. Many Owners
view their Coaches or Advisors as a personal mentor and role model, helping them to become
better overall leaders. A successful Coach or Advisor leads by example and provides support
and a positive outlook during both good times and bad. Nothing is perfect, and things don’t
always go to plan. Every Business Owner should understand that completely.


Leverages a Network of Peers

In addition to their in-depth expertise, The Business Coach, in understanding exactly why
THEY are relevant to any business, have their own valuable business connections. It may
seem simple, but you should practice what you preach, right? These business ties can be
very helpful to both parties involved – and as an added bonus will strengthen your existing
relationships because of the value that is shared.


Ability to Listen

As the person who is more experienced or more knowledgeable on a topic, it can be easier
to voice your opinions and ideas. However, listening can be just as helpful. Business Owners
often need someone to talk through problems or bounce around ideas with. And being an
attentive listener gives the Business Coach insight into their thought processes or direction
they’re trying to move toward – which ultimately helps guide them toward achieving their goals.

But there is another challenge here. Most of what any Business Owner has ever learned,
been taught, or told about growing a business and Marketing is completely wrong. A good
Business Coach knows why, and not only will explain, but takes pride in doing so.


Passionate About Their Work

If you are passionate about the work you do, it will show. The Business Coaches and Advisors
you would enjoy hiring and listening to are those who get excited about solving new challenges
and eagerly approach new opportunities. If you are genuinely unimpressed, you will be less
motivated to listen, take the advice from, and most importantly, pay for that Coach or Advisor.


Values the Opinions of Others

Lastly, a good Business Coach or Advisor respects and values the opinions of the people they
work for. When you support the ideas of others you are better able to collaborate with them, build
off those ideas, and create result-driven objectives. Working with a Business Coach should be a
learning, if not lucrative experience. With that said, it is potentially life-changing or transforming.


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