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Tactical Marketing Methods
Bring Your Strategies To Life




The 2 Components to ANY Marketing Plan

Strategy & Tactics



Tactical Marketing

Is the focus on this Website


Lead Generation … Digital Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing … Reputation Management
Paid Ads … Artificial Intelligence …
Business Videos 
 …  Video Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing
Website Enhancing, Hosting, and Creating
Press Release Marketing …
Email Marketing  …
List Building … DRIP Campaigns

Google My Business  …
 Online Directory Marketing
Strategy & Marketing Business Plans … The BIG 5
And Stealth Tactics You May NOT Have Heard
… (There’s at least 77 of them) …



An Important Point About Strategy First


The key to effective Marketing is to master the Strategic side … NOT the Tactical.
What you say … and how you say it … That is almost always more important than
Marketing medium where you say it … The real leverage is in the messaging
itself …
As a result, the strategies help you to quit competing on price, and start
selling your products or
services for what they’re really worth …

You’ll drive in more leads, and see an increase in your advertising response and
conversions … You’ll will most likely increase the amount of your average sale …
your list of clients that pay, stay and refer will increase significantly … In short,
you’ll get a much bigger bang for your Marketing buck, and do more business …


BUT, the Tactical Marketing methods help you implement your “Strategies”,
You may not need to overhaul everything, but Marketing details really matter …

Can it be better, why can it be better, and how to get it done …
Together we will explore the ways to make your business better than ever.
It starts with a conversation … Or a powerful yet
 revealing Marketing Audit …


What Do I Do

I help Small Business Owners who find themselves struggling, stuck or not
growing as fast as they would like to, understand why that’s happening to
them, and then I give them tested and proven Strategies and Tactics that
can help them generate more leads, attract more clients, and make more
money than they’ve ever made before.

How Do I Do That

Everything you’ve ever learned about generating leads and growing your
business is wrong … Everything you’ve heard, tried, been told or taught,
it’s ALL WRONG … What I want to do, is teach you World-Class Marketing,
to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects, that
they would be an idiot to do business with anyone other than you …
… At anytime, anywhere, or at any price …

Why I Do It and My Intentions

My overall focus is to help you continue to build the business you
have always dreamed of having, a business that provides you with
financial freedom and an extraordinary life for you and your family …

My primary goal is to help you quickly develop the processes that
will bring more revenue into your business. Each bit of information
I reveal brings you closer to accomplishing that goal …

Here’s To Your Success!




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