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The 2 Components to ANY Marketing Plan

Strategic & Tactical


Tactical Marketing is the focus here on our BLOG Website

While Strategic Marketing looks at the “message” you use in your campaigns, Tactical Marketing
focuses on the details and mediums to achieve that goal. With a strategy in place, the actions
or tactics needed to reach your goal can be set into motion. Creating tactics to support your
Marketing Strategies involve detailed profiles of your customers. Only by knowing your target
demographic can you choose the right advertising media and then you’ll be able to determine
which marketing channel(s) is or are most effective.

Tactical Marketing often involves lead generation, building websites, placing ads, and
following up. It includes advertising, sales promotions, and other activities that directly
support your Strategical Marketing Plan. Your Strategical Marketing Plan includes your
message, your particular approach, and your understanding of what the audience needs.

Strategic Marketing and Tactical Marketing compliment each other, and are employed in
combination. Your Marketing plan starts with a strategy and is followed by detailed tactics.
The presence of both forms of Marketing is essential to the success of your Marketing.


Which one will grow your business?    Strategic Marketing

Most companies start with Tactical Marketing by choosing activities such as email, pay-per-click,
SEO, Social Media, trade shows, etc. This is a big mistake! Starting with Tactical Marketing
without first addressing Strategic Marketing is like building a house without a blueprint. It’s a
strategy of hope and guaranteed to fail. I am always happy to explain.


So, what you’ll experience here on this BLOG Website, are the different categories
deployed in Tactical Marketing methods and strategies. At our Main Website, we the
focus on “Strategic Marketing” …



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