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Thanks for visiting my Contact Me page …


I’d like to learn how you view Marketing …
How many different products you may know about, want, or need more info on …
What you like and dislike about what you are currently doing …
And, what changes you would like to make (if any) …
What Strategies you currently deploy to grow leads, conversions, transactions & profits …
What Marketing Tactics (or methods) you’re using … And how much they cost you …
Do you believe you are paying too much, or too little, and why do you think that …



What I propose, is to review anything you currently do, or have in place …
I will explain, the good, the not-so-good, the bad, and what you are missing out on …
I will make suggestions, and explain why and what they can do for your business …
If you have good Strategies and Tactics, I will gladly tell you … Seriously!
If so, I’ll explain additional tips, strategies and ideas you may not know about to use …
If I think you have inferior benefits for the money you’re spending, I’ll show you alternatives
that will explain why, the advantages of implementing them, and the best way to get them …

I’m connected to the top Marketing and Business minds from 25 different
countries. I bring that knowledge and expertise to YOU … The Small
Business Owner, the Professional, the Entrepreneur, the Sole Proprietor …
And for a FRACTION of what almost all of them charge …


My Discovery Form That Provides
To Me 
Your Business Information 

I need this information to be able to diagnose, put together a strategy
or game plan, and provide you answers … This form is used for my
Business Coaching Clients, as well as a One-Time 1-3 hour Consultation …

This FORM is a “fillable PDF” after downloaded
This direct link is a quicker easier way to submit your info



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