Marketing Deals

Marketing DEALS


Services your business should not do without …
and trust me, if you know the market, they are deals!


With IMJustice Marketing Deals, promoting your business and brand, with Tactical
or Strategic Marketing, and to be one step better than your competition, is not only
a survival thing, but being clever and proactive for your revenue & profit growth.
It’s a MUST in today’s Digital Age.

Check out our Marketing and growth-generating deals




(Not a gimmick … Quality visitors!)

8,000 visitors — $129 
8,000 visitors monthly — $ 99 per month 

10,000 visitors — $149
10,000 visitors monthly — $149 per month

25,000 visitors — $199
25,000 visitors monthly — $199 per month

50,000 visitors — $250
50,000 visitors monthly — $250 per month

100,000 visitors — $350
100,000 visitors monthly — $300 per month



IMJustice Marketing Deals



It is the most complete fact-finding detailed review you will ever come across.
From Citations to Backlinks, from SEO to Social Media, from Google My Business
to Online Directories, to your company’s voice and style, to the identity and existing
footprint. It examines anything and everything you own or have created in the Digital
world. We look at your “branding”, which covers positioning, description, collateral,
Digital, anywhere else, and your future, and your entire Digital Marketing strategy.

We will discuss your objectives, what you can do and how you plan to accomplish
them, the resources you plan on using, and more future topics. I also look at your
ranking, Google, Yahoo, and Bing set-ups, and your competition. When
you mention IMJustice Marketing Deals, this is extremely crucial …

$250, $500, or $750 one-time and worth every penny!

(this is about a $1000-$5000 value and takes 30-60 days to complete)




The Marketing Deals

Traffic and SEO

“More Eyeballs”


150+ Premium News Sites
Get your message out to tons of people
With a detailed report too



1000 Backlinks
Live Report When Completed
Plan A – $149   …   Plan B – $199
(Plan A + 10,000 more)



500,000 Facebook Promotion
With a detailed report too



10,000 Web Traffic
With details For Monitoring
Plan A – $149   …   Plan B – $199
                                        (+20,000 more)



Blog Backlinks
Google-safe backlinks, targeted keywords, latest updated
$199 with a detailed report



100 Social Profile Pages
Set Up and Optimized
Report Provided and Get Increased Visibility



Social Media Traffic
Plan A – $4000-4500 visitors – $199
Plan B – 18,000-20,000 visitors – $299



Google Maps Listings
Plan A – 200 Listings – $199
Plan B – 300 Listings – $249
With a detailed report



Top 65 Business Listings
$250 with report



Classified Listings
50 … $149
100 … $199
350 … $299



999 High Quality Backlinks (PR upto 5)
$199 with a full report




Fantastic Deals

(insane prices for what they deliver)
(AND, for a limited time ONLY!)

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


When you think about the “value” of a client or customer daily, weekly, monthly, annually,
and in a lifetime, take a real close look at these deals and their pricing. The worth of what
they do and create, far outweighs what you will spend. They will increase your audience,
grow more leads, and generate more revenue and profits than ever before …


That’s exactly what they do!




IMJustice Marketing signature with the 10k Challenge book - email style


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