Lead Generation

Lead Generation 




Lead Generation

and The Sales Process


A sales process is a road-map that defines a specific set of steps for Marketing and
selling your product or service. Each step consists of many key activities that produce
a predictable, measurable outcome. The 3 components that define your sales process
are Lead Generation, Lead Qualification and Lead Conversion.

Lead Generation has the job of reaching your prospects with laser-focused messages
aimed specifically at their hot buttons and getting them to raise their hand to acknowledge
their interest in what you offer or sell.

Lead Qualification has the job of separating those prospects into two different camps,
those who WANT what you sell and those who NEED what you sell. You always want
to attract those prospects who WANT your product or service. They will always be your
target customers. 

Lead Conversion has the job of transforming all prospects into clients by gaining their
final commitment to buy what you offer or sell. With the right message to your ideal
prospect, converting that prospect into a paying customer is easier than you think.



With Lead Generation in mind,

How are you different from the others?

Consider this. W
hen buying a product or service, what is different between one
company and their competitors? These differences
determine when customers
will buy and who they will buy from.
Consider the case of Domino’s Pizza.

Why did Domino’s become a billion dollar behemoth in an overcrowded market ?
Did they make the best pizza? Not even close! Did they offer comfortable in-house
dining? No way! Did they
offer the largest selection on their menu? They offered
the exact same pizza as ALL their competitors!
They dominated by adopting and
implementing one major strategy. They created a Market Dominating Position.
Above all else, it was fast hot pizza, targeted specifically
for hungry college kids.


So now ask yourself what makes your business different from your competitors?
How do they perceive you? For the
majority of businesses, that answer is price.
Consequently, that’s a HUGE mistake!

With a Market Dominating Position through Lead Generation, you will get businesses
and individuals to choose your business over your competitors.
But what exactly is
a “Market Dominating Position?” To clarify, it’s any value-added
customer perceived
benefit. It’s a combination of benefits, that differentiates you
from your competitors.
And as a result, makes your
business the logical choice in the minds of your
prospects and customers.


The key is to create added value in everything you do. In other
words, prospects and customers
DON’T buy based on price.
They buy based on the value they receive for the
price they pay.


THAT  is  Lead Generation and
Strategic Marketing all-in-one


My overall focus is to help you continue to build the Business you have always
dreamed of having, a Business that provides you with financial freedom and
an extraordinary life for you and your family. M
y goal is to help you quickly yet
effectively apply the fundamentals required to build a Multi-million dollar Business.

Contact us TODAY and let’s start dominating your local marketplace!



Dave Smith

Strategic Marketing Success
   …    Tactical Marketing Success


IMJustice Marketing



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