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Lead Generation 

And the “Market-Dominating Position”




Dominating Lead Generation 


I enjoy helping Business Owners learn how to establish a Market Dominating position for
their businesses.
The majority of small businesses are established in response to market
for a product or service. Many build their businesses by serving that demand and
enjoy growing profits without putting much effort into long-term planning
or Marketing.

However, what happens when that demand slows or stops? What happens when the
competition sets up shop with a “new and improved” version of your
product down the
road? How do you keep your offering fresh while growing
and maintaining your client
base? The answer, Innovate your business and offer
extraordinary value by creating
a “market dominating position.”

Consider this.
Every choice you make when buying a product or a service represents
a point of
differentiation between one company and their competitors. These differences,
whether subtle or distinct, determine which customers will buy what they sell. Consider
the well documented case of Do
mino’s Pizza.
Why did Domino’s become a billion dollar
behemoth in an overcrowded market in just a few years? Did Domino’s make the best
pizza? Not even close! Did they offer comfortable
in-house dining? No way! Did they
offer the largest selection on their menu?
They offered the exact same pizza as ALL
of their competitors!
They dominated by adopting and implementing one major
strategy. They created a Market Dominating position, which was fast hot pizza,
targeted specifically
for hungry college kids.


So now ask yourself what, if anything, makes your business different from your
competitors as perceived by your targeted prospects and customers? For the
vast majority of businesses that answer is price. And that’s a HUGE mistake!

When you create your own market dominating position, you will consistently get
businesses & individuals to choose your business over your competitors.
But what
exactly is a “market dominating position?” It’s simply any value-added
perceived benefit, or a combination of benefits, that differentiates you
from your
competitors; and does so in a strong enough manner that it makes your
the logical choice in the minds of your prospects and customers.


The key is to create added value in everything you do.
Prospects and customers
DON’T buy based on price.
They buy based on the value they receive for the
price they pay.


THAT  is  Strategic Marketing?


And it’s what I do to help generate more leads, more conversions, more transactions,
give you the ability to raise your prices without scaring your customers away, and help
you increase profits with world-class proven strategies from the best of the best …

Contact us TODAY and let’s start dominating your local marketplace!



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