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When did you purchase your website and from whom?
Does it enhance or detract from your business?
How many people visit every day, week, or month?
What do they do when they get there?
What page do they land on and why?
Do they look at more than one page on your website?
How are you capturing these leads for your business?
(Or, are you even capturing them?)



If you don’t know the answers to the questions above and more, your website could be more
of a liability than an asset for your business. Come on now! This is the second decade of the
21st century! Trillions of dollars of business are being done online. People are using their
phones right now to search for your business, and if they can’t find you, they’re headed
straight to your competition.

Isn’t it about time you audited your website and
how it works
(or doesn’t work) for your business?




In general, I see five sets of issues facing modern business websites.

They are …

Compelling Offers
Too many platitudes and jargon
NOT Mobile friendly
NO Secure hosting
Overall website speed


The five issues above happen quite frequently, and it’s rare that I meet a potential
client whose website doesn’t have at least one of these problems. There are other
problems, though, including ones that can expose your and your business even to
catastrophic loss!


How’s your website speed? Does it load fast? Does it have unnecessarily large image
files and other files that bog it down? Your visitors want sites that load fast. Take a few
milliseconds too long, and your visitor is going somewhere else…to one of your competitors.
What about website integration? Nowadays, Online Marketing platforms are integrated with
each other in order to create the best experience for visitors. How’s your integration? Are
you missing anything that could potentially entice your visitors to do more business with you?


All of these issues and more argue one very important point. If you haven’t had your
website updated in the past couple of years, it’s probably time to do so. Sometimes
websites are so old that fixing them is like trying to repair a leaky boat. As soon as
you have one leak plugged, another springs up. Websites have to be updated, or
even scraped and replaced, more often than people think. Things change fast online,
and you have to keep up with the changes, both from a usability point of view and
from a more technical point of view.

Let me know if I can help you with any of this!


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