About Me

Business Coaching and Tactics


Curious To Learn Strategies and Tactics From The Top
Business Coaches and Marketing Experts On The Planet?

As far as Business Coaching and Strategies go, here’s what I know
from working with Small Businesses, as well as Business Coaches
and Marketing Experts from near 25 different countries …
The one’s with the best strategies always win!


Business Coaching and Tactics


There exists bona fide, superior Marketing Strategies and Tactics
that help Small Business Owners become financially free. These
Strategies and Tactics are not correctly utilized by most companies. 

My passion is for the Small Business Owner who must scrape, fight and
battle every day to earn a living. I offer World-Class advanced and superior
Marketing Strategies and Tactics as a way to reach the ultimate pinnacle of
life: financial freedom for you and your family … along with the ability
to do
whatever you want with your time and money. 
After all, you more than likely
started a business because you have a true
passion yourself for what you do.
But when Marketing is ineffective, owning
your own business can become no
more than working a poorly paying job … Unfortunately, many know this

Compelling and successful Marketing can provide you with the financial
freedom to pursue your real, true ambitions in life. I believe everybody
has a cause that can be fully pursued and supported when you are
financially independent. And you can get there with better Marketing. 

I have the knowledge, tools, resources, and support to help you
accomplish this. All I need is the chance to show you how these
Strategies and Tactics help you grow the business you have always
dreamed of having, and to live the life you have always wanted …


Who I Am and Who I’m Not

“There are 1000 willing and able Marketing Experts on standby … I’m sure …
Ready for the “standard issue” commonly known and implemented Marketing
Tactics that YOU probably decided what you think is best.

Have you been thinking about the many possible ways to grow your business,
maybe you don’t know what the options are, and you want something that will
have you stand out from the
crowd, and have your competition sweating?

Then, let’s start a conversation about that … I won’t play games with you …
If you want average or typical Marketing
tactics that everyone knows, or have
heard of, then I suggest
to contact someone else … But, if you want to CRUSH
all those
who do, and grow your business better than you can imagine, then” 

Let’s Talk!



Here is an idea, a sneak peek of what a
“game plan” or “road map” might look like



My Discovery Form That Provides
To Me Your Business Information

I need this information to be able to diagnose, put together a strategy
or game plan, and provide you answers … This form is used for my
Business Coaching Clients, as well as a One-Time 1-3 hour Consultation …

This FORM is a “fillable PDF” after downloaded
This direct link is a quicker easier way to submit your info



In Summary


To get an idea of the World Class Strategies and Tactics, and value you can
expect from doing business with me, feel free to visit my 2 websites, check
out my Landing Pages, my blogs, and see what’s under the tab’s at the top
of the 2 websites … More good info, FAQ’s, Case Studies, and some videos.

Strategic Marketing Success   …   Tactical Marketing Success

I teach Marketing for your business … to a point where it becomes
obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do business
with anyone other than you … at anytime, anywhere, or at any price.




Business Coaching and Tactics

Guiding Business Owners to unlock the tremendous potential in themselves and their business















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