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There are countless numbers of services I provide for very certain niche reasons …
From Landing and Squeeze Pages,  to Pay Per Click Services and the newest and
latest secrets to yet be widely circulated for rank high in the searches …  To Coaching,
and Traffic-Generating Tactics and Strategies, to Image manipulation and Video
Intro’s and Outro’s, to Blogging do’s and don’ts, to Copywriting, and so many more.

Below are some of the common and known Tactics and that’s why they are displayed.
But, my expertise and knowledge couldn’t fit on this website, let alone one page …

The BIG 5


Marketing SEO and Brand Audits , Business Funding , Website Security (SSL) ,
Claiming your Business Online , and the “Speed” of your website(s).

Every one has a specific purpose. Some you are probably aware of,
and some, 
are from critical updates & algorithm changes that we MUST
with, or it will cripple our business and online footprint.

The importance of this going forward, is far greater than you know, and until
we talk, someone else does them for you, or you read about it. They will now
be an obstacle for you to generate the revenue you so desire and deserve.


Business Videos / Video Marketing

IMJustice Marketing knows what it takes to create and market a successful video
strategy. Our Services include Video Creation and Optimization, SEO, YouTube
Channel Creation and Video Distribution. Video Marketing has quickly become one
of the most powerful and effective ways to put your Digital Marketing efforts on
over-drive. Consumers love videos. So it’s time for you to give them what they want.

Business Videos page   ..  Video Marketing page   ..   Video Marketing Profit Leaks


Digital Content Marketing

IMJustice Marketing creates Digital Content Marketing with many years experience,
crafting content that accurately reflects your business and brand. Ignoring your online
content strategy could prevent your business from connecting properly with targeted
leads who are interested in, want, and possibly need what you have to offer.

Digital Content Marketing page     …    Digital Content Marketing blog

(consider our “DEALS” page for deals that expand your reach and audience)


SEO Marketing

As you probably already know, the internet is the best way to attract local customers
to your business. If your Marketing isn’t able to pull in targeted leads who are looking
for your products or services, Search Engine Optimization is exactly what you need.

IMJustice Marketing offers local Search Engine Optimization services to fit your business.
We help you “get found” more, and increase attention to your products and services.
We do this with over 30 different softwares, programs, methods and techniques to keep
you 1-step ahead of competitors, and one leg up on updates, maintenance, and changes.

SEO Marketing page     …     SEO Profit Leaks

(Every “DEAL” we have on our “deals” page is AWESOME for your SEO)


 Social Media Marketing

IMJustice Marketing offers a variety of Social Media Marketing services that are
focused on helping your business or brand grow by building loyal followers, engaging
with these followers, and striving to convert them into paying customers or clients.

Establishing a strong Social Media presence is NOT easy; but it can’t be ignored
if you want a consistent, long-standing relationship with your target market.
Let’s put your own custom Social Media Marketing Strategy in place TODAY!

Social Media page   ..   Social Media Profit Leaks

(Check out our 3 different Social Media Plans on our “deals” page)


Website Marketing

Having a profitable website is no longer an option – it’s a MUST if you want to
connect with more consumers who are seeking local products and services.

IMJustice Marketing offers web design or improvement services to fit absolutely any type
of business. Every aspect of our service is tailored to fit your own specific requirements
with one goal in mind – to help you increase sales and profits. Ignoring your website
needs could be costing you a lot of money and hindering your ability to meet your
overall company goals. If you’re ready to have a custom website built – or have your
current one re-designed, contact us today and let’s start a conversation about it!

Website Marketing page   …   Website Design Profit Leaks

(Check out our Website Traffic and Backlinks deals on our “Deals” page)


Email Marketing

The amount of revenue and profits a Small Business loses without
utilizing Strategies like Email Marketing, is STAGGERING!

IMJustice Marketing offers a range of Email Marketing services to help you build a targeted
list of subscribers AND to create campaigns to try and turn those subscribers into sales.
We use techniques to deliver campaigns that fully fit your individual needs. There is no
“one size fits all” with our strategies. Each business will have their own specific strategy.
We have helped businesses across many sectors boost their profits via Email Marketing.

Email Marketing web page     …     Email Marketing Profit Leaks


List Building

People have developed products to sell online and have created fortunes targeting
the right people to who to sell. By creating a product, exciting profiles and content,
you can drive visitors to these, convert a percentage of them, and make money.

One method would be to continue to drive surfers to your content, hoping that once they
have seen your content enough times, they will eventually purchase. So, what if you
were to capture the name and email address of each visitor, and then send them a
friendly reminder to re-visit your website, or offers, perhaps once every few days or
weeks, thus giving them the chance to visit 7-10 times and make the purchase or
even just to contact you? So that is exactly what we show you and help you to do.

List Building web page     …     List Building blog

(Ask us about our techniques to build great lists)


Lead Generation

Is your business generating enough targeted, high quality leads?
The problem is that there are a lot of lead generation services out there
who will throw any old list together and sell them off to unsuspecting
companies; and this can be extremely damaging to your company growth.

How We Can Help Your Business

IMJustice Marketing specializes in helping you to connect with the RIGHT prospects.
There are literally 50 or more Strategies to generate leads. YOUR decision, as a
Business Owner, is to use a “service”, or confide in a Business Coach, who knows
an endless amount of Strategies that have been tested and proven to grow success.

Lead Generation web page     …     Lead Generation blog page

(As far as our “DEALS” go, when your reach is greater, your business grows bigger)


Reputation Management

The internet is the real word-of-mouth when it comes to consumer opinions about
companies, products, and services.  People don’t hesitate to share their thoughts
online. The internet is also the first place people turn to when they want to find out
more about a company. Therefore, if you don’t have a good Online Reputation,
you’re going to have a hard time generating an audience and new customers.

How We Can Help Your Business

IMJustice Marketing helps you to build and maintain a positive Reputation online.
Whether you are in need of serious repair or need more credibility, I can help.
I run an ethical and effective service that will never use illegal or dishonest
techniques to improve your Reputation. My promise to you is to not make it worse!
Oh, and ask me about the greatest software ever created for this purpose.
It is so unmatched and effective, it’s also used for Lead Generation as well.

Reputation Management web page     …     Reputation Management Profit Leaks


Google My Business

If you have been struggling to build a local presence on Google, you may be happy
to learn that the Google My Business platform makes things a whole lot better.
This is Google’s tool to help local businesses connect with more consumers.
I help to create, update and manage this for you. It is THAT critical to local business.
Google “crawls” and uses “bots” to check who has this and how complete they are.

IMJustice Marketing will create, update, and manage your presence on Google. If you
have other Social Media profiles, we can discuss how to connect them for better results.

Google My Business web page     …     Google My Business blog page

(We have a great “DEAL” for Google Maps and Top Local Listings)


Online Directories

There are many different types of Online Directories available on the Internet.
Online Directories can be a great addition to your current marketing strategy.
They can help your business expand its website traffic, increase the likelihood
that your website will be found by interested visitors and increase your bottom line.

My goal is to help you connect with ready-to-buy local consumers who can’t find your
business. It’s time to take a major step towards improving your online visibility as well
as boosting your bottom line … Contact me today to start a conversation about it!

Online Directories web page     …     Local Listings Profit Leaks

(On our “DEALS” page, our Top Local Listings deal is the best deal on the market today)


Press Releases

Press Releases can do a lot of good for a business. But perhaps the benefits
Business Owners may love the most is that they can increase attention, traffic and
sales. And those are the main reasons why so many Business Owners invest in them.

Press Releases Can Bring More Traffic to Your Website

One of the little-known benefits about Press Releases is that they can help businesses get
more traffic to their website. This is because in every Press Release, links to a company’s
blog or website can be included. And if it’s very interesting, and the business establishes
themselves as an authority, customers will want to learn more about their products & services.

Press Releases web page     …     Press Releases blog page

(You won’t find a better Press Release deal than on our “DEALS” page)



Tactical Marketing Services in Brevard County


We arrive at our pricing by, time involved, software & assets used, our expertise, what the
rest of the market is doing, and the ability to
deliver. The ultimate goal, is to increase your
exposure, revenue, and have you be the “go-to” professional in your local market …

About “performance”

There are no guarantees of success in the business world. All you can do is implement
the best proven products and services from around the world, communicate, and try to do
them well. Hopefully, you can see results rather quickly, and then expand on those results.
My ultimate goal, is to have clients pay me monthly out of the revenue or profits I generate.


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Please share! And we await your comments and questions
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