Pricing Our Services

Pricing Our Services

( Prices will differ at times, and multiple discounts are available )


My Pricing … A few points

I know you have possibly heard many Marketing related promises, suggestions, and everything in
between to grow your business … I’m here to simply state, pricing is not easy sometimes … I typically
make offers at $500, $750 and $1000 per month for my time, expertise and efforts … After all, I am
a Business Coach … And I love teaching and implementing Strategies that work … But, it’s not a
pricing structure that is all the time that simple … I am flexible, and there are reasons why pricing
for what YOU might be interested in can take different forms and shapes … 

A mutual agreement should be reached, and the end result should be to fulfill what you want …
Or, if you take my advice and guidance, and we even perform a crucial and necessary Audit,
what is necessary and more of an immediate need just might bring it’s own agreed upon price.

We discuss these things, we get to know each other, and we agree before we begin.

The BIG 5 


The Marketing Audit  –  $500  –  Typically 30 days to complete
Website Security  –  $199 – $299  –  In special cases, it can be more
Business Funding – Lots of loan types, and over 75 contacts nationally
Claiming your Business Online  –  $250 for the basic … $500 for the ultimate
Website & Web Pages Speed  –  $250 to do the complete check & overhaul

Video Marketing/Business Videos

Video creation, optimization, description, and sharing … $200 to $1000.00, and
Video monthly Marketing services will range from $250 per month to $750 per month.
This depends on the content, how often posted, and on how many profiles you own …

Digital Content Marketing

This is an overall Marketing category that takes on many shapes and sizes. Again,
we search for the $500, $750 and $1000 per month client, but we have worked with
many others for specific reasons that would be more varied than that.
Blogging and regular posting of content relating to your business is the focus here …
And again, the more you invest, the more often content gets posted … We will discuss …


SEO Marketing

Videos, websites, blogs, images, links, keywords, tags, meta, articles, posts and more.
In optimization, this should be a regular duty or responsibility. Optimized and looking
good one or two months, then here comes a change, an issue, an update, and even
new text or material. To be ranked, to be found, to be out there regularly is the key.
I charge per month, and the amount is in direct proportion to the time I have involved.


Social Media Marketing

Existing accounts? Need them “built” or “created”? Need them upgraded or optimized?
We will work out what it is you want and/or need … If you want to discuss a one-time
cost for improvements or upgrades, let’s discuss … If you want/need a monthly regular
service for posting content, I can do that for a select few, let’s discuss … It can be a
very lucrative tactic for you … For Pay-Per-Click, there are several methods, and if
this is what you are thinking about doing, we can discuss that as well … Prices vary.


Website Design  & Marketing

To create $500.00 … To add or create the content, improve or enhance it, $500.00
Occasionally, I have websites that are 80% done-for-you, and those can just be purchased
for $500, and great for you to customize, or if you have someone that can customize it for
you, even better  … You will need “hosting” and someone to maintain the website …
Maintenance could be anywhere from $50 to $100 per month … As usual, it depends …


Email Marketing

As a “stand alone” service, $250 set-up fee and $200 – $500 monthly …
It depends on the size of your contact list and how regular you want content emailed …
AND, just so you know, I have a huge content library for over 200 different professions!

List Building

Building a list is an art … Did you ever hear “The money is in the list”?
Well, the biggest and baddest Marketers swear by that statement …
There are many different strategies to build a “List” … Typical one’s
are based on an offer, from a Landing or Squeeze Page, and a place
to retrieve the names and emails and keep in touch with them …
So, as you can imagine, this ties in with Email Marketing … Let’s Talk!


Lead Generation  &

Reputation Management

Well, it doesn’t get any more important than these two … We all need Leads, and we all
need to have a good Reputation …
These are two absolutes in this day and age, and as
a Business Coach,
I have the best methods available for both, and the best pricing … 

For Lead Generation, I have actually taught over 50 different methods … And, they all
work! This is typically part of what a Business Coach does every month with a client …
And this would fall under my “Business Coaching” monthly agreed upon fee …

For BOTH of these topics, I have available, the most clever software ever created for
unfair advantage over anyone else in your market. It does Lead Generation
and also Reputation Management. It comes with a monthly cost,
and there is nothing
like it anywhere. You truly must see it to believe what it does.

That software is anywhere from $100 to as high as $500 per month … It depends …


Google My Business

Google My Business – $250 for the Basic set up, and $500 for the Premium
This makes sure your Google presence is where it should be and up to date. After
discussing your wants and needs in terms of “ranking”, many services can come into
play here. I can do this service for you and then we are done. Or I can perform monthly
services to keep the Directories coming and correctly completed so that ranking is
totally dominated by you as long as I am working with you. As always, any agreed
upon monthly recurring charge would be in direct proportion to the amount of work
and how fast I get it done. This falls “under” $500 per month … Let’s talk!

Online Directories

Get listed on the TOP Directories . These are back-links, which tie into SEO and “getting found”
and pretty much more exposure to the “bots” that “crawl” websites and content for relevance
and ranking every second of every day … This can help you when searches occur for your
type of business in your location. The more the better, and there are thousands of them …

Prices range from $250 all the way up to $1000 depending on how many
Online Directories we agree to get you listed on … Again, the more the better!
You can decide on a one-time fee and plan, or a monthly recurring amount to
have your business on as many Directories as possible, and dominate your market.

Press Releases

3 different options to choose from with Press Release Marketing
And in case you didn’t know, your PR is sent to Google News, Fox, NBC, ABC,
Affiliate News Sites, and 450+ Authority Links throughout this country …

First Option:

Here, a one-time charge for a one time Press Release … $500 …

Second Option:

As a monthly service, $500 per month … One Press Release per month …

Third Option:

This is the largest directory site on the planet … One-time and monthly choices …

Basic – One-time $500 … Monthly $400 – to the major search engines
Standard – One-time $599 … Monthly $499 – also, to tons of media sites
Advanced – One-time $699 … Monthly $599 – also, emailed to influencers
Premium – One-time $800 … Monthly $700 – also, to related Twitter and Blogs




IMJustice Marketing Service Pricing


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