Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing




Are you stuck at a dead-end trying to get your business noticed on Social Media?
Or maybe you haven’t even started on Social Media yet, even though you know
you should be “communicating” there regularly to expand your reach.

Either way, we can help you take Social Media off of your daily to-do list so you can
focus on other important aspects of your business – such as servicing your customers.


Did you know that 76% of adults now use social networking sites –
a nearly tenfold jump in the past decade? (Source: Pew Research)

So if you think Social Media is just a temporary digital trend, think again.


Social Media has taken the world by storm. Not only has it enabled people to keep in touch
with friends and family across the globe, it has also had a significant impact on the business
world. Never has it been more possible for small businesses to compete against larger,
more established companies. There is power and leverage to be gained by communicating
with your audience or local marketplace more than ever. I understand that building a strong
social presence is not easy; in fact, it can be quite challenging for most businesses. Learning
to use multiple Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube takes
quite a bit of time and skills in order to be successful. And there are plenty more.

Who I Am


Due to the massive positive impact Social Media can have on your business, it’s now more
important than ever to choose the RIGHT company to help market your brand using this powerful
digital strategy. IMJustice Marketing specializes in creating top- performing Social Media campaigns
for businesses of all sizes. On your behalf, we will set up your profiles, help you build followers,
help you engage with these followers, and work to help you convert these interactions into revenue.


I have both the time and the resources available to ensure your business gains maximum exposure
and builds a positive reputation online using the power of Social Media. When you really think about
the fact that there are billions of social network users worldwide, you soon realize how significant it
can be to helping you reach your marketing goals. With the right approach, your business can more
than triple the amount of new customers it brings in purely by having an active social presence.


What I Do


IMJustice Marketing is fully-dedicated to creating and managing top-performing Social Media
campaigns for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. For many years, I have
helped Owners communicate better with their marketplace and audience via Social Media.

I take pride in helping businesses achieve Social Media success with a customized, fully-
managed campaign that works to drive more website traffic, in-store traffic, and retention.

 I am ready to help your business create a valuable, successful Social Media Marketing
campaign – from creating your profiles to creating content, I have you covered.


Ready to get started?

Contact us today and find out how we can help with your Social Media Marketing
needs, and the many methods to grow your business or brand better than ever!


Dave Smith

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