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Do you know how you want more qualified traffic to find your Website
or Business, but you know the only way to get them there is to position
your business on the first page of search engines?

What I do is carefully match up your business with your prospective clients
search patterns … create the exact keyword matches they’re searching for …
and instantly propel them to your Website and Business with first page
rankings that immediately increase your sales, revenue and profit.

To insure you see these results quickly and effectively, I also perform a
thorough analysis to make sure the keywords I select  get you ranked.
I perform this analysis so I can instantly drive more visitors to your
Website and Business … and produce faster and higher conversion rates
with a very powerful secret called “backlinks”. The hidden gem advantage.

But don’t take my word on this … let me prove it to you. I offer a thorough
Analysis and Assessment where I completely evaluate every component
of your Website and Marketing to find out specifically what’s working
and what’s not … then provide you with a complete diagnostic road-map
that outlines the exact actions you can take that will boost your Business
high into the search engine rankings … and instantly drive more traffic to
your Website and Business.


SEO Marketing

and what you already know and do


Local SEO can help businesses reach out to more customers. Many Business Owners
know this, but they still don’t understand how that will directly benefit the business.
After all, aren’t their current Marketing Strategies doing the same thing? Not exactly.

The difference between traditional forms of advertising and using local SEO Marketing is,
local SEO is highly targeted. Consider that when a print ad or radio ad is released by a
business, that Business Owner has to hope that the ad reaches its intended audience,
and that the audience is looking for their product or service at that time. But local SEO
is completely different. Local SEO only advertises to people that are already looking for
a business, product, or service. Those the advertising is not intended for won’t see any
ad because they won’t be searching for it. And those that do see it will be close to the
business, and the most likely to visit that business to purchase the product or service.


Ready to start with SEO Marketing?


I help Small Businesses blow the doors off their competition by showing
them the Strategies and Solutions to have a flood of prospects for their
products or services.

I get businesses “noticed” or “found” … I specialize in making sure that
businesses can “show up” on the internet and help them with processes
that make sure they never have a lack of leads.

I do VIDEO … I help businesses capitalize on the video revolution taking
place on the internet, and make sure that they are positioned to reap
the benefits for years to come.

I make celebrities … I help people become an instant expert in their field
and build a PR engine for them that makes sure they are all over the
internet, and hopefully booked solid.

I’m an Internet Magician … I can make businesses appear on Google in
nothing flat, and I can show them how to make customers and money
appear like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.


I add the greatest amount of profits to my client’s bottom line in the
shortest amount of time, for the least amount of their effort, and with
the lowest amount of their capital expenditure and risk involved.




SEO Marketing in Brevard County Florida


Dave Smith

Strategic Marketing Success    …    Tactical Marketing Success



IMJustice Marketing


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