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In its simplest terms, local SEO is a way for businesses to reach more local customers and
build their online brand. Today, more and more people are searching for businesses, products,
and services online before they buy them. When they search, they may browse through the
first few listings returned by the search engines, or they may only click on the top result.

Because of this, it’s the goal of businesses to be in one of those top spots, so they get the
business, and not the competition. Local SEO helps business owners achieve this goal.
Using a combination of keywords, reviews, online directories, and other local SEO tools,
business owners can reach the top spot in search engines, and reach the most customers
possible. When business owners forget about how technical they think local SEO may be,
and start to view it as just another form of advertising, it makes it easier to see just how
important local SEO really is.


Local SEO can help businesses reach out to more customers. Many business owners know
this, but they still don’t understand how that will directly benefit the business. After all, aren’t
their current marketing strategies doing the same thing? Not exactly.

The difference between traditional forms of advertising and using local SEO advertising is that
local SEO is highly targeted. Consider that when a print ad or radio ad is released by a business,
that business owner has to hope that the ad reaches its intended target audience, and that the
audience is looking for their product or service at that time. But local SEO is completely different.
Local SEO only advertises to people that are already looking for a business, product, or service.
Those the advertising is not intended for won’t see it because they won’t be searching for it. And
those that do see it will be close to the business, and the most likely to visit that business to
purchase the product or service.


Once business owners understand how important local SEO is, they often want to
get started right away. But the problem is, business owners are busy running their
business, and often don’t have time for things like running online campaigns.

The good news is there’s help.

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