The BIG 5


The BIG 5


In order to position your business at the head of the pack in your market,
we must be in “compliance” with the major search engines, and address
the updates, algorithm changes, and the opportunities The BIG 5 represent



The Marketing or Business Audit

Marketing audits should be conducted every 1-2 years to gauge the effectiveness of your Marketing,
your use of technology, and how in touch you are with the clients you seek to serve. Marketing Audits
should not only focus on the end results. They help encourage clever adjustments for you, your
message to your market, and how to improve your revenue and profits, as well as to catalyze the
adoption of new paradigms and practices that you may have not used, or even know about.

Marketing Audits also focus on analyzing the current strategy and how an organization can best
improve its strategies and methods. Also, your clients aspirations, and the paths and channels in
which they achieve their decision-making, will be more critical as time moves on. These audits, and
we have many, are absolutely crucial to the success and implemented road-map of your business .


Website & Web Page Security

Security measures are the backbone of a secure internet and it protects your sensitive information as
it travels across the world’s computer networks. Security is essential for protecting your website, even
if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data
integrity for both your websites and your users’ personal information.

This Security encrypts sensitive information, provides authentication, provides trust, and is required
for PCI Compliance. Providers of this Security need to set up a trusted infrastructure and validate
your identity so there is a cost involved. Overall, the disadvantages of using the Security measures
are few and the advantages far outweigh them. It is critical that you properly use required Security
measures on all websites. Proper use will help protect your customers, help protect you,
and help you to gain your customers trust and sell more.


Website & Web Page Speed

Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests. Speeding up websites is
important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users and
we’ve seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there.

Website speed is the first impression you ever make, we expect speed, creating a fantastic and
simple experience for your visitors, slow websites kills conversions, long loading time gradually
stunts your natural growth and word-of-mouth, we link a slow website to a lack of credibility
(which may hurt your brand in the long run), and now for the kicker: Google now takes
website load speed into account when ranking websites.


Claiming Your Online Business

Having verified local listings in a consumer’s search results lets them know that this is a valid
business and someone is making sure the information is accurate. More than likely, your business
is already on the web, although the information may not be correct. Claiming your listing allows
you to make sure that the most important information (name, address, and phone number) is
correct. This also leads to a good experience with a potential customer. If they call a number
and it is disconnected, they may go to a competitor who has their correct information listed.
From there, you can optimize your listing with photos, logos, hours, categories, and other
options. This rounds out your listing and looks more trustworthy in general.

When your business has verified listings on several sites your own website link is readily available
in more places on the web. This will help direct relevant traffic to your site. While you can’t control
what reviews people will leave on your business listing, you can control how you respond to them.
By owning your verified listings, you have the option to respond to any review left on your listing.
This is useful to show potential consumers that your business is responsive, whether the review
is positive or negative.

Positive online reviews are a necessity to attract more customers. With your verified listings,
you can be notified anytime a review is left on your listing. This allows you to be prompt in your
response, and establishes your business as responsive and caring about your customers.


Business Funding

Coming soon, I promise!


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