Business Videos


Business Videos





Video Marketing can help you get noticed more,
get more leads, and do more business.


At least half of all consumers view online videos when searching for information. So,
if you don’t currently have a Video Marketing strategy in place, your business could be
shutting out nearly half of your prospective customers. Can you really afford to do that?


What is Marketing with Business Videos?

Marketing with Video is the process of incorporating online videos into your marketing mix in
order to generate more leads and convert more prospects into customers. Although there are
many different types of videos you can create, they all have one end goal in mind: to increase
sales. This can be achieved with videos that directly promote your products and services, as
well as videos that simply educate your customers. You can also create commercial style videos,
tips, how-to videos, product demos, company overviews, customer testimonials, and much more.


Why Market with Videos?

When it comes to capturing the attention of your online audience, you need a strong visual
presence that will make them take notice – and take action.
A well-defined Video Marketing
strategy will help you build brand awareness,
establish credibility, achieve higher website
rankings, and increase website traffic.


Using Business Videos in your Marketing will help you:

Grab more attention
Create a personal connection with viewers
Achieve higher website rankings and more online visibility
Convert more prospects
Build brand awareness
Gain a competitive advantage


IMJustice Marketing creates customized videos tailored to your business needs.
I create a Digital Marketing campaign which aims to promote those videos and your company
to your target audience. If you’re looking to draw in website traffic, build brand awareness
and boost your search engine rankings, Business Videos are exactly what you need.

With videos taking up a huge portion of consumer internet traffic, it highlights just how
important this marketing method is for businesses today. However, with the massive
number of videos being released online each day, it’s hard to get yours to stand out.

With years of Business & Marketing experience, we offer a unique combination of
quality videos, optimized for search engines, and targeted online advertising ideas
to help your business get noticed online.

Ready to Get Started?


The sad fact is that if you aren’t using Business Videos – but your competitors are – you are
at a huge disadvantage. If you’re ready to attract more local leads and convert them into
paying customers, it’s time to step into the digital marketing age with a solid business videos
built to reinforce your brand and boost revenue.


Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation!


Dave Smith   …   IMJustice Marketing

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Indian Harbour Beach, Florida 32937    …    (321) 622-5756 …   … 


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