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Are your marketing emails FAILING to generate interest in your products or services?
If so you are not alone. Many businesses struggle to make an impact with their emails.

Is the problem that email marketing just isn’t relevant in this day and age? … Not at all!
Email Marketing is FAR from dead; in fact, when done right, it can seriously boost
your profits and customer base. Effective Email Marketing helps you to both gain
new customers and retain existing ones. It can even help you to win back some
of your old customers. No other form of marketing has this much potential power.


Recent statistics show that:

74% of consumers actually prefer to get marketing messages sent to them via email
66% of consumers make purchases as a direct result of receiving marketing emails
Consumers tend to spend 138% more when they receive an email offer


Running an email campaign takes time and skill. Many businesses just don’t
have the availability to dedicate their time to a continuous email campaign.
That’s where a professional Email Marketing Consultant or Strategist comes in…



Who I Am


IMJustice Marketing provides highly-effective, Email Marketing services to a wide range of
businesses for. We are experienced in the latest techniques and will work closely with you
so we can craft campaigns focused around exactly what YOUR audience wants. If you
need articles or content, we can help you there. We are very well equipped.

Did you know that 44% of consumers who receive marketing emails make at least one purchase
a year as a direct result of that email? If you’re not using email to capture leads and convert them
into sales, you are missing out on this massive market. If you’re struggling to see results from
your current email campaigns, there are probably a few problems with how you’re doing it. With
millions of marketing emails being sent every single day, only a small amount of them are getting
REAL results. It even could be the technique or software.


What I Do


We work with new and existing businesses to create and deliver powerful, effective Email Marketing
campaigns. We know what it takes to attract more LOCAL customers. Whether you want to gain new
customers, build brand awareness, or keep existing customers coming back for more, our services
will help you to try and meet your goals.


Ready to get started?

Contact us TODAY so we can explain exactly what we can do for you!
Find out how we can help with your Email Marketing and growing your bottom line!


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